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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Quick Updates

Life gets so busy sometimes, that I forget to update stuff...

Work has been going well lately.  I am enjoying myself more and the kids are too.  This past week we looked at non-standard measurement using gummy worms and the states of matter particularly gas using bubbles.  The kids loved it and I got some great pics for my class blog.  We're going to have a pretty busy week this week with Valentines and 100's day falling in the same week.  Chris and I are also planning something for Pancake Tuesday next week.  I am also working with kids on making our classroom a better place to be.  They have been very careless with class materials and SO messy.  Being tidy has become a new theme in our classroom.  They are doing a pretty good job.  I have also received a Smart Board for my room and have been working at using it in lessons and getting the kids used to using it so that it can be used as a center.  So much going on right now!

We are planning on decorating the downstairs.  I am going to leave the colour on the walls for now, but I am looking for a new couch and some big shelves to hold some of our travel collection.  I just need to find the right pieces.  I have moved the coffee table from upstairs to down, and like the look of it.  Now I need to find a table for the living room again.  We'll see. 
Getting together with people this time of year is harder, but we've managed.  There have been birthdays, Chris had a Superbowl party, and we've been out to dinner with people we hardly ever see.  Chris has been playing hockey and so far is staying in one piece.

We have both managed to stay healthy so far (knock wood).  I have been pretty consistent with my activity during the last month.  I have started going to the gym 6 days a week, alternating weights, cardio and yoga.  I can't say that I like it, but it's becoming more routine, and my brain doesn't fight it as much.  The scale has not moved at all, so I need to work on cleaning up my diet.  It does help that I meet my friend Ang at least 3 times in the week, so I also get to visit.  It's less painful that way.  I have discovered this week, that while my brain is adjusting to the activity, my body is not.   Apparently my lower body is revolting and I have spent most of this weekend in pain.  Rest, Advil and light stretching.  Hmmm.

Life in the North
Thankfully, that awful Winter that they were predicting hasn't shown up yet.  We have had very little snow and temperatures have hovered between -20 and +10.  The wind hasn't been too horrible either and the beautiful sun has made a reappearance the last couple of weeks. It's been a glorious winter.  My friends from the South would have enjoyed it for sure.  We have discovered that even though we both work full-time we can't afford many of the fun community events that go on.  Any dances or galas are way out of our price range, charity events are even too expensive for us if we want to eat that week.  Last night we went to the Chocolate Festival, an annual event to help support Art for Kids in the community.  The tickets were $10 each and there was an auction of items that were donated by various people in the community.  Cookies went for over $100!  They had an auctioneer there calling, but the bidding started at $25 and just went up from there.  Too rich for us.  We left after a half an hour.  I know it's for charity, but ouch.

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