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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My iPhone saga

I waited a year to get my phone.  I knew I wanted an iPhone and when I heard about the 4s and the camera, I decided to get one.  I waited and waited and finally got it at the end of June.  I charged it up and tried to text a picture.  Didn't work.  It didn't work the other 10 times I tried it, so back to the Bell kiosk.  She turned it on and off and then it worked.  I'd done that, but nothing had happened.  Then I noticed that my battery was close to 0% by the end of the day, but put it down to using it a lot.  When we went on our trip, the battery was dead every night and I wasn't using it at all.  We stopped at Bell in Nanaimo, where they turned the Blutooth off and told me that was the problem.  Then told me that I'd have to contact Apple with further concerns.  So I did.  We made a special trip to the Apple store in Richmond Center on the way home.  The Genius did a reboot and a diagnostic check and sent me on my way.  When I asked what I should do when this didn't work, he said to go back to an Apple store.  I explained that the closest store was roughly 7 hours away, he kinda shrugged and told me I'd have to call Apple.  I did.  I spent close to 1/2 an hour on the phone the first time and then had to call back to finish the call and spent another 1/2 an hour to be told that a box would be sent by UPS and I would have to send the phone to them.  We don't have UPS (which I explained to the nice man on the phone) and was told that a box would appear the next day.  When came 2 days later, I was actually surprised it came as fast as it did.  I had explained to the person on the phone that I live very far north, and we don't have all the services a bigger center would have, but he assured me that the turn around with my phone would be quick.  
I was very impressed with the box sent by apple.  It had everything I'd need to send the package back, including a little piece of packing tape to seal the box.  I followed the directions and called UPS to schedule a pick-up.  The man assured me that someone would come to the house to pick up my package the next day, by 7pm.  I was still on holidays, so I waited all day for someone to come.  No one did.  They didn't come the day after that either.  So I called back.  The woman I talked to looked it up and found that the 3rd party they use in the area, didn't even respond to the delivery request.  She told me that she'd send it again.  For the 3rd time that week, I told them that we don't have UPS and we don't have a drop off location.  (I've had to meet delivery people in some weird places in the past).  She assured me that they would come out to my school, which is 20 minutes into the middle of nowhere, and pick it up.  I just had to leave it with the secretary.  Yeah right!  I received a message from a person from Purolator from back east somewhere, telling me to contact them and that they were not coming to pick up my package.  Nice.  When I returned her call, of course being 3 hours ahead, no one answered.  Another message left.  Another day lost, with my phone sitting in a box. 
I called Apple back and after explaining the problem I was put on hold for around 20 minutes while the rep found someone else for me to talk to.  Jacob came on the phone, listened to me and told me that he'd look into the problem and call me back.  He did about 30 minutes later, to tell me that there was no UPS in the area (!) and that he was going to have the Purolator people figure it out.  Great.  Another day went by and I received a phone message to call someone at Purolator.  She was in my time-zone, so that helped.  Karen took my info and then emailed me a Canada Post mailing label that I had to tape onto the box and take to the post office and mail!  Had this been done in the first place, maybe I would have my phone.  Instead, it took a week from the day I posted it to make its way to Vaugn Ontario! I have received notice that Apple sent me my replacement on the 21st.  I am just crossing my fingers that it gets here in the next couple of weeks.  I'm still paying the bill that goes with that phone and haven't been able to use it.  
Unfortunately, the good customer service that I have received on the phone has been overshadowed by the rest of this.  Communication people!  It's frustrating when you tell people something and they disregard it.  I am just praying that I get my new phone and it works like it's supposed to.  We'll see.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bad Luck

As some of you remember, I finished out June with a severe concussion and had an extra week of Summer.  I was mostly better, (I think) and was just congratulating myself on how I had not visited the new Emergency Room at the new hospital.  Yeah, I should have never even thought it. 
On Friday we had a Pro D day at school with a potluck lunch.  I left the staff session we were having to go and put the lasagna I had brought, into the oven.  The secretary had been filling the water cooler earlier, and some how it had leaked.  I did not see the puddle of water on the floor (our floors are always really shiny because we have a great janitor) and as I was going out the door to the cooking room, my right foot hit the water and I hit the floor.  Thankfully, I missed the door jam on the way down, but I did manage to smack my head on the floor after my hip, elbow and hand.  My boss and Chris came out of the session to find me on the floor, then of course everyone else had to come and have a look too.  I was crying, absolutely mortified and hurt.  Great way to end the day.  Chris drove me into the hospital to get my wrist and head checked and then we did our PD at home.  Well Chris did, I went for a nap.    Great end to the week after stapling my finger on Monday morning!  It would seem that I have some bad mojo following me around right now.  Any hints to get rid of it?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Report cards, farts and conversation

 This is a post that I found, I thought I had posted it already...

This month is almost over and I have to say it's been going by quickly.  We have managed to get out a little more than usual.  We went to see a production of "Chicago" that our friends were in and to the pub afterwards for a beer.  That was a big night out. We've visited friends from our last job and I've actually managed to get to a sorority meeting this month.  Not sure I will join again.  I think I need to visit a couple more times before I decide.
This week is the beginning of report cards, and it's my first time using BCESIS.  What fun that is to build all the comments in.  It takes a while just to do that part, but once it's done I have them forever, or as long as I teach here.
I have been following a few education blogs and blogs by teachers.  There is some very interesting conversation going on out there.  It's interesting how easy it is now to share and find information about teaching and learning compared to when I first started teaching 10 years ago.  There was no conversation, or if there was it was local.  Now I can get it with blogs, Twitter and other social media.  Right now I am a lurker mostly, enjoying the conversations and getting ideas.
Right now I am feeling a little behind.  There were so many things that I wanted to do, that I haven't been able to get to.  There are so many things that I feel like I should be doing.  There has to be a balance somewhere.  My fire is a little smaller this week.  I don't know if it's the sudden drop in temperature, report cards or the negativeness that I am picking up on at work.  Maybe all of the above.
One thing that makes my day is the look on a tadpole's face when they get a math concept, or when they have to share that piece of news before they burst.  I have one tadpole that makes me laugh almost daily.  He can also be frustrating, but mostly funny.  Last week and this have been about farts for him.  I'm not sure what started it, but last Friday he was telling off some people for touching the chair pad that he sits on.  (He's a fidgety little guy).  When I inquired he told me the issue.  "Mrs. Nowell some people were touching my chair thing!  I told them they shouldn't, 'cause they were touching my farts!"  I thought I hadn't heard right, as he was so earnest.  "Pardon?" I asked. "Yeah I farted earlier on it and then they touched it!  They touched my farts!"  Usually, I can keep straight faced and divert the attention away, but not that day.  His logic was sound and I burst out laughing- I mean really how could I not?  The bell saved me and as the kids filed out the door I was still laughing.  This is the same tadpole that told me we were taste twins because we like tuna sandwiches with pickles and no onions.   He usually has something that he is bursting to tell me daily, and really he makes my day.  It was great today when he got picked during a performance at the school to play an instrument.

I'm back... kind of

Home-made crayons
Well the last couple of weeks have been CRAZY busy.  I have basically dropped off the face of the Earth and into School Land.
We have stayed late every night and I've gone in on weekends as well. I hope to cut back by the end of September, but we'll see.  There just always seems to be stuff to do!  My birthday was low-key this year as we were both so tired and it fell on a Monday.  I did get these awesome flowers though from a student and her family.  Chris has enabled my itunes shopping with some gift cards for music and apps (just need to get my phone back), and a card for some ebooks (just need to get the replacement Kobo).  For some reason, most of my gadgets have failed and have to be replaced so I'm waiting.
The weather has been fabulous, warm and sunny and it looks like the next little while will be the same.  We have been able to get out and see some people which has been nice and I did get my birthday dinner at Tony Roma's after a walk at the Community Forest with friends. This week promises to be very busy, with a workshop, 2 union meetings and a social evening with the Crafty Ladies. 
I am trying to find some balance and spent some time reading- I'm 6 books behind in my reading challenge!  I've also tried to be crafty, but I'm usually so tired after dinner that I can't find the inspiration to scrap.  Hopefully this will pass soon.  I'm supposed to be exercising too, but that is just not fitting in at the moment.  Soon.  I promise myself.

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