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Saturday, March 31, 2012

This is AWESOME!!

I mentioned in my last post that it was snowing.  That was about 4 pm or so.  It's now around 8 pm and this is what it looks like.  And it's not showing any signs of stopping.


Spring Break Part 1

My wonderful husband sent me to my parents for a week of Spring Break.  Leaving the snow and cold behind, I boarded the plane hopeful that I would see a little sun and warmer temperatures.  It's warmer, but not a lot of sun.  In fact as I write this, it is snowing outside.  I love it, but Mom and Dad are not as impressed. 

Since I arrived, I have been on the go with little rest.  Today has been a day of much needed rest.  I had to break down and see Collin the Chiropractor, as my body is a little unhappy with the sudden activity, long days and new bed.

Tuesday I went to see Hunger Games.  It was good, but I'm glad I didn't read the books.  The movie made me sad enough.  I had popcorn and about 2 liters of Pepsi, which I drank until 9 pm.  The caffeine did not help me sleep.  Early Wednesday morning, Mom and I went to Victoria to see my brother Mike. 
I got a tour of his data center (he's an uber nerd, working for the Uni doing computer stuff.  The exact job description I'm not sure of.) and it was pretty impressive.  It was noisier than the T.V. versions that I've seen, and there was no one running around with guns.  I think it would be a creepy place late at night.  ANYWAY...

After the tour, we picked up his wife Tracy and headed to a yummy Thai restaurant.  We tried getting some pictures of Mom with her eyes open, but it was hard.  Then Tracy was back to the books, and the three of us headed downtown to walk around.  I had a yummy cupcake that we walked 5 blocks for, and poked into some shops.  It rained periodically of course, but the day was pleasant.  Mom and I had a long drive ahead of us, so we dropped Mike off and headed back up Island.  We stopped in Nanaimo for some dinner and another stop at Micheal's Craft store.  It's an addiction really.  We didn't get home until late, and it was midnight before I got to bed.  Thursday was local shopping and running around. 
Friday was Korean lunch with Mom (Dad was NOT interested) and then down to Nanaimo for some more shopping.  I was very successful.
 I have 2 boxes that I have to ship home on the bus, as my suitcase is small and it's just too heavy.  Tonight is dinner with friends, an early Easter dinner.  I love turkey when I don't have to cook it.  Tomorrow I am hoping to meet up with Jaki and her family, maybe some bowling.  Monday I have a meeting with the Mayor of Courtenay.  I need to go home for a rest!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

busy week

We normally don't do much these days, so having 2 shows in one week to go to is busy for us.  On Thursday we had a Date Night that included dinner and tickets to see The Arrogant Worms.  I'd heard that they were coming, but for some reason had put their name and children's music together in my mind.  Complete with hand puppets and bow ties.  So when a colleague said that she had tickets that she wanted to give away, I wasn't that quick to take them.  Another staff member thought it would be good for Chris to take out, so we ended up taking the tickets.  When they told me it wasn't a children's group, I was okay with it.  Chris looked them up and listened to some of their stuff, but I wanted to be surprised.  I was.  Pleasantly.  I laughed the whole time and pleased that I was able to shake off some stress and relax for a bit. 
Tonight we are going to see Jeff Foxworthy.  He is coming to Dawson Creek, and we bought the tickets ages ago.  Of course there is a snowfall warning in effect with wind, so the drive will be interesting not counting in the St Patrick's Day drunks that will insist on driving. 
We'll see how that goes.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Where in the World...

Here I am with my Vagabond.  At this time the sun was out, but an hour before it had been snowing.  Yes, snowing on March 15th.  While everyone else is getting ready for Spring, we are still expecting snow and cold temperatures. 
If you are confused as to why I am standing out in the cold with my Vagabond, go here to see all the details.
Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Last demo day

It is finally sunny here in the land of cold.  Our last day this week of demonstration, and I have to say that I'll be very glad to go back to work.  Not only is it 3 days of no pay, but 3 days that I lose in the classroom actually teaching the kids something.  Spring Break is rapidly approaching and the units I was going to start last week will have to wait until after we get back, otherwise it will be too broken up with the long break and I'll have to start at the beginning again anyway!
The demonstration time was not as bad as I had feared.  I was worried about awful things happening to us, but mostly the public honks or ignores us.  With the weather being so cold, windows have been up, so less likely to yell things at us.  We did get someone who wanted to send their babysitting bills to us.  We are not babysitters. 
Oh well off we go for the last walk about.  Time to gear up so I don't get frost bite!

What's on Your Work desk Wednesday

I'd like to thank everyone that commented on my post last time!   I don't think I've ever had so much traffic!  My back is better and I was back to work, then we went on strike.  It's been a very unsettled time for me lately. 
So here's my picture for this Wednesday.  I have been doing a lot of Art Journaling this week, as it's faster and I get to play with all my paints and messy stuff.  My heart has not been into scrapbooking this week.  It's been stressful because of the strike and we get home from our shift cold and out of sorts.  I'll be glad to go back to work tomorrow and see all my kids.  I just hope that this is it and we can get back to work and stay there.
Hope everyone had a great week!

Friday, March 2, 2012

5 day weekend... sort of

Well, it's happened.  The Union won the race and we have now escalated our job action.  This means that we are on strike.  For Monday for sure, and we'll just have to wait and see about Tuesday and Wednesday.  3 full days without pay.  Walking around in the cold and snow (yes it says that it's supposed to snow).  I am Strike Captain (lucky me), which really means I have to keep track of who shows up.  Yay.
I have been reading lots of news and listening to lots of radio coverage about this situation.  The reports are pretty accurate, most of the time.  I just wonder how much regular Joe is following the situation. 
I was pretty impressed when I saw the coverage in Vancouver about the high school students staging a protest.  The ones that spoke on camera seemed well informed and supportive of teachers.  I know that there are the naysayers out there that say that most of them are doing it to get out of school, but it's nice to know that some of the students are concerned about their education.  Buoyed by this look at teenagers, I was hopeful that it reached some of the ears of our youth here.  Then I went to the grocery store.  The cashier and clerk were chatting about their 5 day weekend, and then proceeded to say that they both skipped school today too, so they got 6 days instead!  The woman in line in front of me was asking them if they both went to school and if they were upset about missing next week.  They were not.  When it was my turn, I was curious what they knew about the situation, so yes, I asked.  "Why are the teachers going on strike, anyway?"  The gum-snapping teen answered "Uh, I guess it's about money.  I wouldn't complain, they make like 80 thousand a year, and get Summers off and Christmas and all the holidays."  I narrowed my eyes, and clamped my mouth shut over my reply, took my receipt and walked away. 
I guess I should be happy that at least some youth, some where are aware of what's happening to their education.
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