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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Home improvement

Home improvement is not as easy as it should be.  You want to change things, you should be able to.  The difficulty with that is the time and the money.  It seems when we have the money we don't have the time, and vice versa.  The upstairs is mostly finished.  Well kinda.  Okay there is something needed in each of the rooms upstairs.  The living room is waiting for some lamps.  The kitchen is waiting for a new paint colour, window treatments, new lights and a new fan.  Good news is that I have the lights and the fan,  I just can't decide on a paint colour.  The bedroom is waiting for bedroom furniture, a new fan and a new window treatment.  The bathroom is waiting for a complete gut and rebuild.  Downstairs is going to get a little face lift in the next few months, but I need to find a couch that I like and then I'm going to build the rest of the room around that.  The downstairs really needs to be taken to the studs, but I don't have the $50 grand to make that happen.  Today while talking about the things I want to do down there, we discovered that under the carpet is a hole in the floor.  It has been covered over with plywood, but what is in the hole?  It was not a job for late Sunday afternoon, but very soon we will have to pull up that carpet and find out what it is.  I just hope it's not human remains.

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