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The only thing I've ever wanted to be is a teacher.  When I was a teenager, I discovered traveling through an exchange program.  Since then I've wanted to be a teacher who travels.  For part of my life I managed to do just that, but have lately settled for a bit in the Far North.
After putting myself through University and teaching close to where I grew up, foreign shores called and I taught for two years in Korea.  Needing a change, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia where I lived for 2 more years.  During this time, I met and fell for a boy from Ontario.  When my 2 years was up in the US, I moved to be with him in Ottawa where we lived for a year, before taking teaching jobs in BC.  Since moving up here, we have not travelled very much although we have plans to.  We want to go even farther North and see what there is to see before we move on and realize that we didn't see it all.
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