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Saturday, February 18, 2012


I am in the process of planning an event for our school that will involve teachers and students.  It's something that I heard about almost 2 years ago called an Identity Day. It's a time to share yourself with your school community, taking one of your interests or one area of you life and putting it on display for everyone to see.  I floated the idea to Chris when I first heard about it, and he filed it away for about a year.  Then we talked about it and took it to our staff at a meeting last school year.  They were on board, but most have forgotten about the concept or lost interest.  Now I have to pump it up again and get the ball rolling. 
The great thing is, I contacted George Couros, and Chris Wejr about it, and received very helpful and supportive emails.  I love that I reached out and they warmly received my plea of help.  It gives me hope that collaboration and a sense of community is attainable in education, I just have to get out there and look for it.  I have been looking at different ways to build a PLC on line, but haven't taken that big step of putting myself out there and digging into it.  There are always other things to do...
For myself I think a professional goal for 2012 will be to jump in and start building a community for myself that includes more than my husband.  He's a fabulous resource and support, but maybe it's time to add to my community.

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