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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The life of a classroom

As I was sanding some shelves in my classroom today, I started thinking about how dated and sad everything looked in there.  I also started to think about how it might have looked when it was new.  Probably the same only shinier.  It is about nine days until school starts and my room still looks like this.  After 3 days it is starting to look a little better to me, but to the casual observer not so much.  Stay posted for an after picture.  I am hoping that the room will be cheery and inviting for the kids come September, after all the garbage and years of people's left behinds are finally purged.  It's been a while that I've had to start over in a new classroom and I've forgotten how much teachers like to "save" things.  I would not be surprised to find out that many hoarders were teachers at some time in their lives.  I did mange to find a diamond in the rough, my desk.  It needs some TLC, but it will be beautiful when I'm done.  To think the janitor was going to throw it out the same day that I found it!   It's an old wooden teachers desk, similar to the one I have in my scrap room, but smaller.  I was happy to ditch the giant metal and ugly one that was in the room when I got there.  The old wooden desks have character and history, the newer ones (from the '80's) are usually black and chrome and have no style at all.  I hope to refinish this one next summer (I'm adding it to a growing list of projects), but I'll have to get it in writing that I get to keep it.  I know it'll look that good.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

From here to there and back again

I finally got to Tumbler Ridge for some hiking.  We decided to go on Monday, as the weather was supposed to be decent.  We got to Tumbler around 10:30 in the morning, but by the time we actually decided what hike we wanted and drove out to the trail head and started, it was around 11:30.  Finding the actual start of the hike was also part of the adventure as it was not very clearly marked.  We hiked up Cow moose Mountain and it was hard.  Since I was the one who picked the hike, I have no one to blame but myself.  It was an alpine hike, which to me means all uphill.  We didn't come across any big animals (thank goodness) but there were lots of signs that they were around.  We did happen upon a little village of marmots.  They were living in a slide pile near the top of the mountain.  They were pretty curious of us, and watched us for a long time.  The hike was 5.5 kilometres long and we managed to do it in 3.5 hours.  Not a very good time if you are in shape and not damaged, but for me it was alright.  After the mountain climbing, we went to find the famous dinosaur tracks along the river.  That was another 2 or so kms, and really underwhelming when we arrived at the sight.        I was disappointed that they haven't done more to preserve them.  We managed to find one definite print, but the rest we were guessing at.  Oh well I can say that I've seen them. 
I was not surprised to wake up this morning with sore legs.  actually, everything from the hip down is sore and it's getting worse as time goes on.  As Chris is quick to remind me it will be worse tomorrow, YAY! I did manage to get into the pool for the lap swim today even though it was a little slower than last time. 
Tomorrow, we are going into school to start getting ready.  I have decided to do a purge and clean session this time and then maybe go in on the weekend to do some organizing.  We'll see.  My lovely friend Ang is coming along to help, so hopefully we'll get a lot done and I can stop stressing about it.  I am having a hard time believing that September is almost here, I feel like my summer is finally on track...
I have managed to get a few pages done from our trip from last summer. I'm starting to find my groove again, and it's nice.  I have also decided that I have to use up most of the Basic Grey that I have before I can buy any more.  That's hard as I have just seen a new line of theirs that I know I want already.  Sometimes life is just not fair. 

Saturday, August 21, 2010


We finally got to go out to our new school today.  When I opened the door to my classroom, it was just as bad as the last time I saw it in June.  I had been hoping that I was overreacting because I was injured and not really in a head-space to deal with a new classroom.  Nope.  It's bad.  I am already making plans to go back with garbage bags, cleaning supplies and paint.  Luckily I have my friend Ang and Chris to help me out.  I am going to go multiple days and make a list of things to achieve in small chunks, then maybe I won't hyperventilate and lose my mind.  First clean it up and then see what I have to work with and then start planning.  Doable, totally.
As usual, the day disappeared again and after running around we arrived home at around 4.  I decided to jump on my bike and head out for a while.
I rode to the trail that is close to our house and as I was entering it, I noticed how quiet it was and thought briefly about wild life.  Living here in Northern BC you can encounter animals at any time, even in town.  I shrugged it off and continued down the path.  I heard some talking as I came around a bend and saw a couple of boys, also on bikes, circling ahead.  One shouts out to me, and I slowed down as I was processing (thankfully) "Don't come down here, there's a moose with 2 babies!"  I came to a halt and not 5 feet away from me is the moose having a snack on the edge of the trail!  From where I was, I could hear her munching away on some leaves and I was torn between two thoughts. 1) Damn I don't have my camera and 2) I need to get out of here!  I couldn't see her calves, but I wasn't waiting to see.  I rode quickly away, thanking the kids and hoping that she wasn't running after me.  I passed a family on a bike ride with 2 kids under the age of 5, and slowed to tell them about the animals.  I was stunned and disgusted when the mother stated that maybe they'd go down there anyway and take a look!  I couldn't believe it.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

better life

I am proud of myself today, which doesn't happen too often.  I decided to go for a swim today, not just any swim, but a long one.  Well long for me.  I got a new swim program from and wanted to try it out.  I managed to make it through the whole thing and had 15 minutes at the end to do some extra lengths.  The pool was not crazy busy, but we were two to a lane.  I was actually in the fast lane!  Before you think "wow", there were a lot of old people and beginner swimmers in the pool today.  Still it made me smile a little to think that I was in the fast lane.  In total time I swam for an hour, only stopping to rest in between my 50 meter lengths.  Not a bad start.
Last night when I got home from the pool, I had a wonderful surprise of company.  Michelle and Bryce dropped by with an old filing cabinet that Michelle's mom was getting rid of.  She thought of me and my scrap room, so now I have this wonderful treasure to re-purpose for my stamps.  Yay! I already know where it's going to go, but I have to decide on a colour for it.  I'm thinking a blue, we'll see what I can find.
Going back to the visit, I was talking to Michelle about how different it is living in town now, compared to the first time almost 4 years ago.  We didn't know anybody, we were living in a horrible apartment building (which burned down a few months ago) and I remember thinking how we needed to get out of here as soon as possible.  I think living out in Prespatou gave us a whole other perspective. Being in town now with friends dropping by and places to go and things to do that aren't work related is making this a way better life. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

30 minutes a day

My new goal is to start moving for at least 30 minutes a day.  For some people this does not sound like a lot, but for me right now, it is a goal that I can live with.  I have stumbled upon a couple of blogs written by women who are documenting their weight loss etc., which have inspired me to get moving.  I just have to stay healthy and not over do it as I am prone to do.  Also remembering this goal when work starts up again and I am super involved with that... hmmm.  Luckily I have a very supportive husband.  I also have two long-term goals that I am working towards slowly and surely.  I was super excited to get my new hiking shoes today and then to have Chris suggest a hike in Tumbler Ridge this weekend was the cherry on top.  Because of the accident, I have not been able to get out and do the hiking and camping that I had planned for this summer.  I am hoping to go camping on my birthday weekend in September, but that's cutting it a little close with the weather.  Snow falls in September after all.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Today there are all kinds of summer sounds coming through the windows.  Kids playing next door, lawnmowers going and the wind playing in the trees.  I woke up to a sunshine and must say that it gives me a better perspective on the world.  Chris is gone this morning, meeting a friend and I have to say I love the quiet of the house when it's just me.
I managed to get into my room last night for awhile and be creative.  It's still a mess, but I just don't care anymore.  There are too many projects that I am dying to get to.  I know that I also have to start thinking about work, but I want just one more day to do nothing.
We got out to the Fall Fair yesterday, which was interesting.  The first thing we came upon were horses and I have to say I was uneasy.  I felt very uncomfortable and when a horse reared up, my heart dropped and I felt sick for a moment.  I was glad to be away from them and that makes me think my riding days are over. 
We'd missed all the events from the morning, so we walked around to all the exhibits.  I'd never been to a Fall Fair before and I found it interesting.  All the animals, people and of course the mini doughnuts.  Yummmm.  We ate them so fast there was no time for a picture!  After watching the dance competition, Chris said that he'd be open to taking some lessons, so I'm going to set something up for the Fall I think.  I can't let him change his mind.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Never ending toilet issues

When we moved into our house a month ago, we had a terrible time with the bathroom floor.  When we'd had the inspection in March, the inspector had said that there was a leak or had been a leak from the toilet.  The stain on the floor was small, and I'd believed in the goodness of people and thought the sellers had fixed it already.  I was wrong.  Not only had they not fixed it to that point, they allowed it to continue until they left so that when we moved in, we found the floor rotted right down through the sub floor!  Thanks to a friend loaning us some tools to get started and of course the internet, we replaced the floor and all the seals on the toilet.  Chris laid a new floor and we thought all was well until yesterday.  Today we went shopping for a new toilet, and Chris had to take the old toilet out and pull up some of the flooring.  As I type I can hear the fan in the bathroom, drying out the sub floor.  So this minor leak that had probably started 6 months ago has now cost us well over $500.  Yes I know it could be worse and I'm sure people out there have horror stories, but for us it's bad.  Not only that, my belief in the good of people has been shaken.  I don't feel that this is the only thing that the sellers left us with, and am worried about what we'll find when we start looking.  I'm thinking about making the old toilet into a planter for the backyard.
On a good note, my little soiree last night went really well.  One person didn't show up and I have to say I was a little disappointed.  I think she forgot.  I did call, but anyway....  It was nice to fill the house with laughter and chatter.  When everyone left and Chris and I were cleaning up, I was left with a feeling of complete happiness.  I'm glad that we've moved back to town and that we are starting to have a life here in the North. I think tomorrow we will head out to the Fall Fair.  Something to do that isn't house related at this point would be a good thing I think.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The beginning

I had started to think about blogging a few months ago.  I already journal and thought it would be an added outlet for me.  If my friend's ten year old could do it, so could I.  Life seemed to get in the way and I just never had the time to sit down and do it.  Until today.  It is still summer for us teachers, and I am happy for it. I am also trying to not think about what's coming in September.  It's been a busy year for me this year.  We got married, bought a house, changed jobs and I had a horse fall on me.  Luckily the wedding was last July and I have been able to get used to all the other stuff in the Summer holiday.  Tonight is supposed to be our house warming party out on the deck, but it has turned cold and windy.  Boo!  We will have to be inside I guess, which is making me a little cranky.  I hate it when a plan falls apart.  We'll see what happens.
I'll leave you with a few images of summer

Mom and Dad in Hudson's Hope

Fresh fruit makes everything better  

WAC Bennett dam

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