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Sunday, March 3, 2013

To all the Grumpy Non-Apple People

This post is dedicated to all the grumpy non-Apple people (my husband).  Apple is awesome.  It's no fuss, no muss and it looks great without trying so hard.  The iPhone is a perfect example.  The size is perfect for a regular person's hand, you are able to reach all the functions without having to take your other hand out of your pocket.  The screen switches from portrait to landscape faster and the auto-correct is better.  We have better apps and there so much more variety than what you are used to.  It's always sad when a non-Apple person realizes that they are shut out again from an awesome app that would make their lives easier and more interesting.  Unfortunately, you will always be playing catchup.  I'm sorry that you feel left out, especially when we can iChat and Facetime, and you are left out of the conversation.

We know that you are secretly jealous that you don't have an iPhone and can't say anything now, but we like you anyway.

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  1. We're grumpy because the world is not fair. The lazy and the ill-informed once again carry the day. Those of us that are "non-apple" people (60-80%)are satisfied with our ability to choose what we want, how it works and where we get it. Oh, and please don't complain when your shiny toy doesn't play nice with our stuff.


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