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Friday, December 23, 2011

Almost here...

After writing the last post, I did get some rest but unfortunately it came along with the stomach flu!  I spent the entire day Sunday sleeping and most of Monday too!  I was supposed to work at the parts counter for the week, but when my boss saw me on Monday morning, she sent me home.  Thankfully, a friend was passing by to say hi and she took me home.   What a crap way to start the week, no pun intended. 
I did manage to get the presents shipped to the Island, (and in time too) and actually got other presents wrapped and under the tree.  Unfortunately, I did not get to see any friends before they took off to other locations, so I have some happy catching up to do in the New Year.  Perhaps a lovely girls dinner in the future?

The baking that I had pictured having finished by now, is not, but I'm not sweating it.  It may get done, it may not.  I have 3 little Christmas/December projects that I was supposed to be doing all along, but those too did not get done.  Or started.  Oh well.  Maybe I'll get to them next week, we'll have to see.  I did not want to go into grocery stores this week, but I just remembered that I need to get some mini marshmallows for the ambrosia.  I should go and do that now, as I may not make it out for a very long time.
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

A not so lazy day

By Wednesday, I was ready for school to be over so I could have a lazy Saturday.  My dream was to stay in my pj's all day doing nothing except enjoy myself.  Alas, that was not meant to be.  I had to drive Chris to work and because I'd been awake since @6:30, I decided to get up and go to the gym after dropping him off.  When I got home, our disaster of a kitchen greeted me, sink full of dishes and all, so that needed to be taken care of.  Next up is the bathroom and living room.  I realized that my parent are leaving for Victoria on the 23rd and I have not sent their gifts down, so that needs to be packed for the bus for tomorrow at 8 am.  Yikes!  So much to do and here I thought I'd get to relax. 
Oh well on to the next task.

This is what I need to clean up. 

Bad Timing

This week was brutal.  Not only was it the last week of school before Christmas, but I had 2 appointments and a deer hit our car!  The deer decided he didn't like the ditch on Tuesday morning and now our car looks like this:

I did not take it well and thankfully, Chris got us to school safely even with me hyperventilating next to him.  It was a very long day.  Now we are driving the red car around and remembering why we bought our Subaru in the first place.  The heater can barely keep up to the cold, and thankfully it's been pretty mild this week.  We don't have to drive the coolies for a bit, so hopefully we get a loaner car before we get back to school.  We are both going to be working next week so there will be juggling of car use, which is a real pain.  The important thing is that we weren't hurt (the deer didn't make it) and we do have our beater Hyundai for in town driving.  Thankfully, we didn't have any big plans to drive long distances this Christmas.

After next week, I plan on doing a lot of relaxing.  This weekend will be mostly cleaning up the house and baking.  I should probably wrap some presents too...  hmm I should get on to that To Do List.
Hope you have a great day, and if you are a teacher- I hope you're first day of holidays is wonderful!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Ahh, beautiful Sunday!  Now that I am not working a second job, I can enjoy Sundays  a little more. 

I have been baking for the last 2 days (and enjoying it which is the most important thing) and this afternoon, while doing the 100th batch of dishes, I looked out to see the sun finally shining.  It's been a few days since we have seen the sun here in the North Pole.  It was a beautiful picture from my nice warm kitchen, and I decided to be a part of it.  I called down to the man-cave to see if he'd like to come with me.  He had to double-check he'd heard right, a walk?  Yep, a nice breath of fresh air was just what I needed and maybe a bit of real sunlight, if we hurried.  We are after all seeing the sun start to set at 3:30 right now.  I have been using a little blue light the last couple of months to see if it helps during the long Winter months.  It seems to, or at least I'm tricking myself. 

I have also been keeping myself busy, even in the evenings.  I have taken a couple crafty classes the last couple of weeks, and it's nice to at least be in the same room as like-minded people.  I used to crop every weekend when we lived in P-Town, but since moving to town, I don't have anyone that will come over regularly to scrap.  I think I should start bugging people (Hello, Ang) to do it more often.  I might even be willing to pack up sometimes to go somewhere else. 

As we head into the last week of school before the holidays, I am filled with many emotions.  One, panic- it's already December!  Where has the time gone, and have I been teaching enough?  I'm a little behind my last year's preview (that I did for myself and didn't turn into my admin), but am reminded by a wise friend at work, that this is a different year, with different kids.  Two, excitement.  2 weeks away from the classroom to regroup, plan and organize.  Also a few lazy and sleep-filled days.  Three, happiness.  Mostly because of emotion number 2, but also I will be able to get crafty and enjoy myself with no deadlines.

As I look out my big window onto the frosty world outside, I feel relaxed and looking forward to the week ahead.  I hope you have a wonderful week!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

I have been a bad blogger again.  I was picking up there for awhile, but life has gotten in the way again. 

I can't believe that it's December, and for the classroom, it means packing in a month's worth of crafts and activities into 16 days.  Well less when you think of weekends.  I love Christmas, and I love all the crafts and cards and music and... well I guess you can get the point.  Yesterday we went into school (yes on a Saturday) fully expecting to put a full day in as we both had long lists of things to accomplish.  After about 15 minutes we were freezing!  It was 11 degrees in the school, and pretty uncomfortable after a while.  I couldn't concentrate on what I was supposed to be doing and my fingers had a hard time grasping anything.  Instead I started to decorate, and took a couple of hours covering things with colourful paper.  The safety guy from the district came by on Friday, so I'm hoping that I'm safe.  I did manage to get my advent calendar up for the kids, so we'll be starting that on Monday with an accelerated schedule, as I have 21 kids and 16 days to go. 

At home we got the Christmas tree up on Friday night, after Mike, Heather and Lily went home.  Other than that, nothing else is up.  I also have a couple of projects that need some finishing touches in the room of scrap.  Today is the day that I get the decorating finished, mail the letters to Santa, get the room of scrap cleaned up and.... okay that list is getting a little on the large side and I should really get to it.  I promise to post some pics soon of the projects etc.

Have a wonderful Sunday!
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