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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Another time sucker

Just like everybody, I have my usual haunts on the internet.  I check my 3 email accounts, check in on Facebook, (yes I still have that account), then move over to my Google Reader.  My Reader has usually 80 or so items per day, so if I don't keep up with it I have hundreds to read at a time.  All those "chores" being done, I will spend some time on frivolous news and then pop over to Pinterest.  Now, as many of you know, Pinterest is a time sucker.  You think you will spend only a couple of minutes on it, and then pretty soon the sun has gone down and it's almost time for bed!  All the different boards people have, all the inspiration you can find and lately, I've also been getting some teaching ideas from there.  Well today my husband introduced me to another time sucker.  Kuler from Adobe.  It's a site about colour.  Yes I know it sounds boring, but the possibilities are endless.  You can create your own colour palettes, look at other people's combinations and when you are thinking of redecorating, it can be a help.  You can also get colours off of images!  I know for some people, looking at paint colours is a task worse than needles in the eye, but for me,  I love it. 
Well I have to get back, I have a kitchen colour to find.

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