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Sunday, October 16, 2016

As some of you know, my mom comes to visit us every October for about 2 weeks.  When she comes, our house is filled with the smells of baking and other yummy things.  Usually, the weather cooperates and we have lovely walks outside in the sunshine.  This year, not so much.  The snow has not disappeared as I expected it to, and it has been a little chillier than normal, hitting the minus 6 range some days.  Finally today the sun came out and we managed a walk around the neighbourhood.

When Mom comes up we also do a project.  It is usually a paper project of some kind, like a mini album.  This year she chose a junk journal...
This is what my kitchen table looked like when we started!

We have decided to have our turkey dinner next weekend instead, so that Mom could take charge of it.  Things never quite turn out the way I expect them when I'm in charge of cooking a turkey.  It's better for everyone, if she does it.  We had a pretty chill weekend, Chris is still not feeling well and has a horrible cough.  We did go to the birthday party of our favourite 2 year old.  He looked so
grown up and looked like he was having a good time.  He certainly has the candle blowing down, Chris was taking pictures and almost missed it!  It was nice to catch up with friends we haven't seen in a little while.

The next couple of days are supposed to be sunny, but then we get some snow at the end of the week.  I think Autumn is over and Winter has moved in.  I managed to save some herbs that I was growing on the back deck, we'll see if they survive.  I wanted to dry them, but I'm not sure I will be able to.  I need to nurse them back to health and see what happens. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Happy October!

This year the snow fell on September the 30th.  On October 1st, I got these pictures from Chris:

It was a record snowfall for us!  You can read about it here and I was sad that I missed it!
For my birthday this year Chris bought me an experience.  A scrapbooking weekend in GP!  It was an event called the Crop and Create and it was pretty good.  They had teachers from Simple Stories and BoBunny come up.  We had 4 classes in total, 2 from each company and they were pretty good.  If they have it next year, I'd go again.  I was also lucky to stay right at the hotel where it was happening, so at the end of a long crop night, I just got into the elevator and wandered up to my room!

We did not see any of the snow, but we did have a miserable rain storm all day on Saturday.  It blew itself out during the night and I had great weather to drive home.

School is in full swing now, and the first of my projects is set to start this week.  I will be teaching my kids how to use laptops first and then how to use the program Classroom Suite.  It should be interesting.

The cold is here for a bit, and we may have said good bye to Autumn already.  Today was foggy and only got to 3 degrees, so not a lot of snow melted.  I was hoping to do some gardening this weekend, but that ship may have sailed!  Mom is due to arrive on Friday, and so is more snow!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Just like that...

Summer is over for another year!  We are back in school and getting used to alarms and schedules and going to bed at a reasonable hour.  The weather has even taken a bit of a dive and there is talk of frost tonight!  I'm just not ready for Autumn yet.  Sigh.

We survived the first week of school intact both physically and mentally.  The first week is hard for everyone.  Kids are not used to the routine and learning and sitting still and listening.  Parents are worried about what class their kids are in.  Teachers are running around trying to figure out what they are doing, who they are supposed to be teaching, playing the waiting game until classes and numbers are finalized... it's a very stressful 4 days.  It looks like Chris will have a 2/3 this year and I will be a 1/2 again.  Monday the changes will be made and I can finally start putting names on stuff.

 My birthday was this past weekend, and I enjoyed a quiet day.  I'd thought of having people over, but we are all tired.  Instead, I went for lunch, had a quick visit with my favourite 2 and 4 year olds (and their parents) and then had a nap.  Then I spent the rest of the evening in my scraproom finishing my Seattle project.

My word for the year is balance.  I picked this word as I was getting ready for the new school year.  I need to remember to balance all the things in my life and not get too caught up with work or the trivial day to day politics that occur in life.  Balance.  I start yoga tomorrow after a couple of months away from class.  I'm looking forward to it.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

We made it!

Halloween is over for another year, and next year it will be on a Saturday!  Yay!

I can't really grumble too much though, as I was heavily sedated and in bed for most of the day.  I hope my TOC coped well.

Yesterday wrapped up my Mom's visit from the Island.  She was here for 2 and a half weeks and as usual, it snowed right after she got here.  The temperature stayed fairly mild most of the time.  She was so busy filling our freezer, that I don't think she noticed.

We have been busy at school and really since going back, I've hardly had time to think about much else.  Having our prolonged break (strike) this year, I was very ready to get back to the classroom.  I am loving my new school and staff and am adjusting to my new grade.  You'd think that going down a grade would be no big deal, but when it's the difference between reading and writing and not... it's a big deal.  The last 4 years I have started the year with kids that could read and write a little, this year I have many that are still confused about letters vs words.  Big difference.  I also have 5 that are reading at a grade 2 level.  Interesting times ahead.

On another note, I have a stack of books that I want to read that I just haven't had the time for.  I keep renewing them with hopes that I'll make some time for them.  I know that I have one I am supposed to read for my book club, but I haven't even found that one yet!  My book budget was curtailed after my shopping spree in GP. 

The pool has been under repair since the end of August, so no swimming for me in a while.  I heard rumors that the leaks had been fixed so hopefully by the end of the week I'll be able to go and dip my toes!

I have been sadly ignoring my friends and for that I do apologize.  Between school and Mom's visit, it seemed like there were just not enough hours in the day!  I will try to get back to correspondence and phoning people and maybe even meeting up in person!  Won't that be novel!

Well time to get to work!  Yes it's Sunday, but teachers hardly rest and there is always a lesson plan or something to get ready.  Besides report cards will be due in a couple of weeks....

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Welcome back!

After a lengthy rest from blogging last year, I've decided to give it another go. 

The school year ended on a rather rushed and sour note, as we went on strike 2 weeks before school ended.  Not ideal. 

Chris and I have moved schools this year and are teaching new grades as well.  I wanted a change.  The strike carried on throughout the Summer and into September.  We started school on September the 22nd with only a day to get our classrooms ready!  Not a very organized start to my year and I spent a lot of time stressing out about things and consequently have my first cold of the year!  Thank goodness the government didn't take away our sick days during bargaining.

My classroom is almost decorated and I am thankful that no parents have really noticed, or at least haven't mentioned that it looks less than organized. 

I have 23 students, so far, and they are adorable!  I have a straight grade 1 class and after being a grade 2 teacher for 4 years in a row, it is a bit of an adjustment.  I have one EA this year which is a huge change for me after having 3 in my room last year.  My students are coming back after an extended Summer break and it shows.  This past week was about routines and remembering that they can't do what ever they want, when they want.  Overall, they seem like a balanced group and my EA is eager to work. 

After many late nights for the past 7 days, I am taking a day off and nursing myself back to health with lots of vitamin C and tea.  I will worry about planning and all the other necessary stuff tomorrow!

Monday, October 7, 2013

A Catch up post

Well the last month has gone by in a blur.  Work was finally started to slow down, but we have mid term reports due and IEP meetings starting now, so off we go again.
I have already been sick with sinus trouble, but it seems to be calming down.  Hopefully it just goes away without the usual trip to the walk in clinic for antibiotics.  We'll see I guess.

I have discovered how helpful a crock pot can be.  I have started using it during the week to help with dinners on nights we are going to be busy or late.  I have found some yummy recipes (thank you pinterest) and thankfully it cooks enough for leftovers for lunch the next day.  Yay lazy cooking.

The weather here has turned, but still no snow.  Hopefully, we have a long fall for once and mild winter.  Ha.

The house next door to us finally sold and we are waiting to see who moves in next.  The last tenants started off okay, but slowly turned into a train wreck.  They were only renters though and the owners kicked them out to sell the place.  Now whoever moves in we are stuck with.  I'm just hoping that there's only one dog.  In our neighbourhood 2 is the usual number.

Still no scrapbooking.  I just haven't found my mojo yet.  Whenever I sit down in my room, I remember 6 other things that I should be doing instead!  Hopefully this weekend.

How's life in your neck of the woods?

Friday, September 13, 2013

Scrapbooking? What's that?

This picture has nothing to do with this post, but I liked it.
This is the question that I seem to be asking myself lately, as I have had absolutely no energy to even think about my favourite hobby.  My Studio Calico kits keep coming and I open each one with great excitement, but to actually pull one out and use it seems too hard to do right now.  Maybe this weekend.  This week went by in a blur with work taking up the most of my waking hours.  Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but I always forget how hard the first few weeks are.  This year, I have 23 little people, but I have two EA's and a straight grade 2.  It's going to be tough at times, but they are nice kids, and I know that we'll have some fun along the way. 

Meanwhile, my dishes are piling up, I haven't dusted anything (I just try not to move anything),  I the laundry bin is filling up fast.  We've been at work until almost 5 every night and I spent last weekend at work too.  This weekend is going to be my belated birthday celebration, so I'm not going out to work.  I will probably do work at home though.  What am I thinking?  Of course I will be doing work at home!

We have been very lucky with the weather though.  Since we've been back from Hawaii, the sun has been out and the temperatures warm.  Yesterday was hot @30 degrees!  I don't remember ever having such nice weather in the fall since we've moved up here. I hope this means we will have a mild winter. 
There will probably be more random pictures from Hawaii popping up here for the next little while.

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