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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


during this break I have been a little creative and other than making a mess, have actually managed to do a few pages for the 2009-2010 book that I started and forgot to update.  The theme here has been old product.  I have tons of product that I collected because I really liked and then forgot to use it.  I was inspired by Amy Sorenson over at Write. Click. Scrapbook.  I started rooting through my stuff and made little kits to use with some pictures that I had hanging around for a while.  Here are a couple of results.

 For this layout I used Basic Grey from the Urban Prairie collection, a Tattered Angels butterfly, some old flowers I had hanging around from Prima and Heidi Swapp (I think), and metal charm letters from Making Memories that I've had for about 8 years.  I can't remember the company that the black rhinestones came from.  They were a freebie a couple of years ago.

 This layout was done again with old Basic Grey.  Oh Boy I think it was called.  I didn't want to do a huge layout with the pictures from Summer of 2009, but I wanted to put something in the book.  The pictures show Hornby Island ferry, Market Days in Courtenay, and a car cruise we went on with my parents.  We did a lot that summer.

I was also able to finish the Week in our Life album that I'd started at the beginning of the month.  I used Cosmo Cricket Circa 1934 and 7 Gypsies that I'd bought last fall.  I sewed the Cosmo pages together to make a place to put the pics, used the 7 Gypsies Ephemera as journalling cards and sewed page protectors into little pockets for the little bits of paper from our lives.  I bound it all together using my Cinch (which I totally love) and voila!  A snippet from our lives.

             This was a fun little project when it was over, but remembering to get a photo or two a day and collecting the bits and pieces was a little tough.  I'll probably do it again in the Summer as another snapshot.  It's as close as I can get to doing a Project 365.  Maybe I can work myself into it one day.               

Spring is coming

Today the sun was out for quite a while.  The sounds of dripping is everywhere and the air feels so wet.  I am typing this while I watch a steady stream of water coming from the middle of my front eavestrough.  That's right the middle.  It is making a huge whole in the little garden under it, drowning a new little delphinium that I planted last summer.  If it survives it will be a miracle.  Chris started to move some of the snow today from the front walk.  By moving I mean putting it out into the street so it will melt.  It's not attractive, but it's effective.  We have to do something, as the snow is so deep it might not melt until August!  I wandered around outside (the best I could with all the snow) and started to make little plans.  Gravelling the driveway, getting the eaves fixed freshening up the steps in the front.  Of course everything is still completely covered by 2 or more feet of snow, but it makes me feel better to think ahead to warmer weather.  I made some phone calls for estimates, got some info about doing the driveway.  We'll see how much it's all going to cost, but it looks like I'll have to get that second job after all.
I was inspired by the beautiful weather to make something beautiful to eat.  This is a new favourite, a yummy salsa full of colour.  We had it for lunch. It made me think that Spring is really just around the corner.

We met Heather and Mike for dinner and had a great time chatting and catching up.  It really feels like we haven't seen them for ever.  Heather is due in about a month and they both seem excited about being parents.  I worry for them living out in P-town though, so far from everything.  They'll work it out, I just know that I didn't like the isolation when I lived out there, I can't imagine it with a new baby.
We have decided to go to school tomorrow as we left quickly before break because of the Harry Potter incident.  I have to figure out what I'm going to teach the Tadpoles over the next little while.  Only a few more months to go.  Yikes!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

This dog

 makes me so happy.  This dog belongs to a colleague of mine.  This dog breaks free all the time.  It doesn't matter what kind of rope Mel puts him on, he breaks loose and runs to the school for some fun.  The first time he came to school, I was a little worried as he came bounding up to all the kids.  Right away you could see the tail wagging, the tongue lolling- he was so happy to be with the kids.  Now, he has little people at the school that belong to him, but he is not looking only for them.  He looks for anyone that will pet him.  He makes me smile no matter what kind of day that I am having.  The best memory is when he got into the school (no I didn't try to stop him), turned to a little K boy (they were eye to eye) and swiped his huge tongue right up the side of his face.  With a huge grin on his doggy face, he bounded off to find someone else to love.  I didn't stop laughing for about an hour.  I love this dog.

Friday, March 25, 2011

It's half-over

So the snow has finally stopped falling and we've actually had a bit of sun.  Of course not today.  Do you ever start a holiday, looking at all the days stretched out before you, and think "I have so much time"?  Well I did and today I woke up and realized that the first week of my vacation is coming to a close and I have not done nearly as much as I thought I would.  I had a list, quite a long list, and instead of ticking things off, I seem to be adding them. 

I did manage to get to Dawson Creek this week with my friend Ang and I spent the rest of my allowance on new goodies for my addiction hobby.  We also went to this awesome diner for lunch. 
It's an actual diner with pretty decent food and most importantly good service.  Living in the North, you get used to bad service so when you find a place that treats you nicely and you get your food within a half hour, it's a keeper. 
Chris and I went to Grande Prairie yesterday for a power shopping trip and most importantly I picked up my rings.  Having not worn them since January, it was strange to put them on yesterday. 
While not crafting as much as I thought I would, I am puttering around with some mixed media stuff and also assembling my own mini books out of various materials (posts to come on that later) and really just making a mess in my room.  I must admit that I have been neglecting household duties infavour of surfing the internet and other things.  I have been finding inspiration here, here and here. Oh and here. These ladies have made me add projects to my list. I have been trying some new recipes, mostly from here and today I am making this for dinner.  Her recipes are not WW approved for sure, but they are delicious and very easy to make.  Moderation is the key (at least that's what I've been told).
I should really tackle the list of cleaning that I have to do.... maybe I'll just stop in my room of mess first :).
Have a great day!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's the First Day of Spring

and it has been snowing all day!  It's about -16 right now and the snow is blowing around out there like it's December. 
My first 2 days have been spent exactly the way I'd wanted.  I have managed to do very little, while keeping the couch warm.  Today I spent all of it trying to get Itunes to do what I want.  Every time I do an update it conviently dumps songs out of my library.  I managed to find them in my computer, but what a pain.  I tunes can be I crap sometimes. 
I have promised myself that I will make it into the scrapcave today.  But it is now 7pm and we haven't eaten dinner yet.  The roast beef is being stubborn and not cooking fast enough.  Unfortunately the roads are so awful that a dinner out is not going to happen. 

Oh well, not being able to go anywhere makes me feel justified in staying in my pjs.  Hee Hee.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I told myself that this month I would be a more responsible blogger.  I'm still working on it.  Report cards are done and will be passed out this week, we have 2 early dismissal days (which don't really make sense to me, as the kids barely go home early) and then Friday is the last day before Spring Break.  I was told Friday that I have a new student starting Monday or Tuesday.  During the last days before a holiday???  Another thing that doesn't make sense to me.  Attendance in my room has been sparse.  Since Christmas I have had all 19 for only one or two days, one day last week getting down to 8 students.  I can't go into new concepts with only 8 students.  I have one student that has been away for the better part of February with health issues and I have two going on extended Spring vacations to far off lands.  Grade 2 will just have to wait I guess.
The lovely snow has been falling most of the day, which makes me so happy.  I'll have to hold onto that joy throughout this week. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ten things for this week

1.  It snowed and I love the snow.
2.  I fell and it hurt and reminded me of the horse incident.
3.  I read a great book "Water For Elephants" and I read an okay book "Drowning Ruth".
4.  I gave up reading "Freedom". 
5.  I actually finished the wedding trip scrapbook.
6.  I have been actively social with friends, although because of report cards I had to cancel on Ang tonight (sorry Ang).
7.  Chris bought a KOBO and I already have about 5 books that I want to put on it!
8.  I was glad to get back to work on Wednesday.  My kids are funny AND I have some stuff I should teach them.
9.  I heard that people that I knew once are okay in Christchurch.
10.  I am getting a little closer to having the classroom blog to where I want it.
Hope you had a great week!

First week of March and...

there is lots of snow and very cold temperatures.  One of the tadpoles commented today that it's supposed to be Spring soon, but it sure doesn't look like it.  I just had to laugh.  We have had inside days all week and last (which I don't mind very much) and a couple of my kids are hoping that they can go and play outside next week.  I have had so many kids away this week 5-8 almost every day!  Then the one that came in sick today because Mom had to work.  GRRRRR.  The poor little guy was miserable all day.  I was drawing the line at throwing up.  They throw up they have to go home. 
My best friends this week were Extra strength Advil and Robaxacet.  No, not because report cards are just around the corner, but because I fell down the stairs outside on Sunday.  That's right I am trying to do myself in again.  We were on our way out to judge a 4-H competition (a story for another time) and after that I had a bridal shower to go to.  I didn't make to any of those.  Instead I was on the couch with ice on my back.  The stairs were snowy and I was wearing my big boots and I fell and landed back to cement.  It was not a pleasant experience and I was loud enough that the neighbour from next door ran over to see what had happened.  I stayed home on Monday and Tuesday recovering and managed to go to work on Wednesday using only the Advil to get through the day.  The kids were happy to see me, after the assortment of TOC's they'd had.  My fabulous little L. grinned at me during bell work time and said "I'm really happy to see you Mrs. Nowell, really happy."  Poor little guy loves to give me hugs, but I had to ban hugs for this week because of the bruising on my back.  He was just about jumping out of his skin to hug someone, when Chris stepped into my class for a few minutes.  L. grabbed Chris' arm and just hugged and held on, to the amusement of Mr. Nowell. 
Tomorrow is an NID for report writing, so there will be no kids and all going well I will have my reports completed and into the office in a good time.  I just hope there are no problems with the system, it happens.  Then you should see the level of stress go up around a school building.  This time of year is interesting, as teachers take a look at the curriculum that we are expected to teach and compare it to what they have actually gotten through.  Then the panic starts to set in, and conversations in staffrooms revolved around how much they still have to "get through".   I thought I would feel the same way, but I don't.  I'm getting through it the best that I can and enjoying myself along the way.
Have a happy weekend.
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