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Thursday, December 16, 2010

I should be

Wrapping presents, cleaning something, prepping for school or conversing with my family but instead I am typing this post.  The last few days have been tiring and there is one day left.  The weather is cold right now (about -23+ wind chill) and the kids haven't been outside all week.  Add to that the Christmas concert preparation and all the sweets they seem to bring with them everyday.  I received candles last week from one of my boys and today a cute scarf (handmade) and a box of chocolates.  The first tadpole had it all figured out: I could wear my scarf and eat chocolates by candle light with Mr Nowell.  I had a good chuckle over that one.  There is glitter and glue all over desks and half finished Santas awaiting me in the morning.  I have learned a few things this week.  Stick with what I know, don't get too technical and make the kids do the work.  Oh, and the Crazy Santa craft is one that is not being repeated. EVER.  Let's just say that the level of prep vs the amount of time it really takes the kids is not paying off.  They are pretty excited about the Crafty Extravaganza that I planned with two other classes for tomorrow.  We will start after recess and go until lunch.  Then they will eat and have treats and watch a movie or two with Mr Nowell's class.  All going well.  At this point I have two parents helping me (one of them is my own mom) and have only heard about 2 treats coming in.  For a micro manager like me, it's hard.  I know it will all go well and when I am sitting in my living room tomorrow night with an adult beverage, I will look back and smile.  I just have to get through it first.

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  1. Hey there! I thought I would drop a comment to prove that I kept my word and goto reading here... sounds like you have had an interesting couple of months!
    Hope things go well with the 'rents and the house doesn't feel too small ;)

    Say hi to everyone for me!

    Also we should talk about how I found your blog...


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