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Thursday, March 3, 2011

First week of March and...

there is lots of snow and very cold temperatures.  One of the tadpoles commented today that it's supposed to be Spring soon, but it sure doesn't look like it.  I just had to laugh.  We have had inside days all week and last (which I don't mind very much) and a couple of my kids are hoping that they can go and play outside next week.  I have had so many kids away this week 5-8 almost every day!  Then the one that came in sick today because Mom had to work.  GRRRRR.  The poor little guy was miserable all day.  I was drawing the line at throwing up.  They throw up they have to go home. 
My best friends this week were Extra strength Advil and Robaxacet.  No, not because report cards are just around the corner, but because I fell down the stairs outside on Sunday.  That's right I am trying to do myself in again.  We were on our way out to judge a 4-H competition (a story for another time) and after that I had a bridal shower to go to.  I didn't make to any of those.  Instead I was on the couch with ice on my back.  The stairs were snowy and I was wearing my big boots and I fell and landed back to cement.  It was not a pleasant experience and I was loud enough that the neighbour from next door ran over to see what had happened.  I stayed home on Monday and Tuesday recovering and managed to go to work on Wednesday using only the Advil to get through the day.  The kids were happy to see me, after the assortment of TOC's they'd had.  My fabulous little L. grinned at me during bell work time and said "I'm really happy to see you Mrs. Nowell, really happy."  Poor little guy loves to give me hugs, but I had to ban hugs for this week because of the bruising on my back.  He was just about jumping out of his skin to hug someone, when Chris stepped into my class for a few minutes.  L. grabbed Chris' arm and just hugged and held on, to the amusement of Mr. Nowell. 
Tomorrow is an NID for report writing, so there will be no kids and all going well I will have my reports completed and into the office in a good time.  I just hope there are no problems with the system, it happens.  Then you should see the level of stress go up around a school building.  This time of year is interesting, as teachers take a look at the curriculum that we are expected to teach and compare it to what they have actually gotten through.  Then the panic starts to set in, and conversations in staffrooms revolved around how much they still have to "get through".   I thought I would feel the same way, but I don't.  I'm getting through it the best that I can and enjoying myself along the way.
Have a happy weekend.

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