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Sunday, March 27, 2011

This dog

 makes me so happy.  This dog belongs to a colleague of mine.  This dog breaks free all the time.  It doesn't matter what kind of rope Mel puts him on, he breaks loose and runs to the school for some fun.  The first time he came to school, I was a little worried as he came bounding up to all the kids.  Right away you could see the tail wagging, the tongue lolling- he was so happy to be with the kids.  Now, he has little people at the school that belong to him, but he is not looking only for them.  He looks for anyone that will pet him.  He makes me smile no matter what kind of day that I am having.  The best memory is when he got into the school (no I didn't try to stop him), turned to a little K boy (they were eye to eye) and swiped his huge tongue right up the side of his face.  With a huge grin on his doggy face, he bounded off to find someone else to love.  I didn't stop laughing for about an hour.  I love this dog.

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