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Sunday, March 13, 2011


I told myself that this month I would be a more responsible blogger.  I'm still working on it.  Report cards are done and will be passed out this week, we have 2 early dismissal days (which don't really make sense to me, as the kids barely go home early) and then Friday is the last day before Spring Break.  I was told Friday that I have a new student starting Monday or Tuesday.  During the last days before a holiday???  Another thing that doesn't make sense to me.  Attendance in my room has been sparse.  Since Christmas I have had all 19 for only one or two days, one day last week getting down to 8 students.  I can't go into new concepts with only 8 students.  I have one student that has been away for the better part of February with health issues and I have two going on extended Spring vacations to far off lands.  Grade 2 will just have to wait I guess.
The lovely snow has been falling most of the day, which makes me so happy.  I'll have to hold onto that joy throughout this week. 

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