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Friday, March 25, 2011

It's half-over

So the snow has finally stopped falling and we've actually had a bit of sun.  Of course not today.  Do you ever start a holiday, looking at all the days stretched out before you, and think "I have so much time"?  Well I did and today I woke up and realized that the first week of my vacation is coming to a close and I have not done nearly as much as I thought I would.  I had a list, quite a long list, and instead of ticking things off, I seem to be adding them. 

I did manage to get to Dawson Creek this week with my friend Ang and I spent the rest of my allowance on new goodies for my addiction hobby.  We also went to this awesome diner for lunch. 
It's an actual diner with pretty decent food and most importantly good service.  Living in the North, you get used to bad service so when you find a place that treats you nicely and you get your food within a half hour, it's a keeper. 
Chris and I went to Grande Prairie yesterday for a power shopping trip and most importantly I picked up my rings.  Having not worn them since January, it was strange to put them on yesterday. 
While not crafting as much as I thought I would, I am puttering around with some mixed media stuff and also assembling my own mini books out of various materials (posts to come on that later) and really just making a mess in my room.  I must admit that I have been neglecting household duties infavour of surfing the internet and other things.  I have been finding inspiration here, here and here. Oh and here. These ladies have made me add projects to my list. I have been trying some new recipes, mostly from here and today I am making this for dinner.  Her recipes are not WW approved for sure, but they are delicious and very easy to make.  Moderation is the key (at least that's what I've been told).
I should really tackle the list of cleaning that I have to do.... maybe I'll just stop in my room of mess first :).
Have a great day!

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