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Friday, June 1, 2012

What I have learned today

From reading some news articles today I have learned quite a few little tidbits from different areas of life;

The No Child Left Behind law in the US is still broken and no one can figure out how to fix it.  I had to teach there under this directive and let me tell you, it's very broken.  The kids and teachers are getting left behind with this one. 

The British people really like their pasties.  The government thought that they could help their coffers by taxing this popular snack and the people rose up and protested.  Government has had to go back to their idea banks to replace the taxes they have allowed the rich to keep.

Mitt Romney has decided that letting poor and disabled kids attend any school they want is going to be a big help.  This means that the doors of the rich suburban schools will have to be opened up to the city kids.  I can imagine the parents in Suburbia will welcome this with open arms.

Technology is creating a time wasting hole for young people, especially those from lower economic backgrounds.  Hmm I think this is true for young and old, no matter what your background.  How many times do I go to dinner and see a couple staring at their phones instead of talking to each other.  My own staff room is mostly void of conversations while staff play on their phones or use their computers to watch movies. 

Social media continues to be a big argument in schools across the continent.  Some are crying out against the abuses, some are defending the use in class to help bridge the divide of classroom and real-life.  Students and (some teachers) spend a lot of time using social media for various reasons.  It has been hailed recently as a great teaching tool or augmentation to lessons.  Social media has also caused a lot of problems; inappropriate behaviour by teachers and students, bullying and other unseemly situations.

These are just a few things that caught my eye today.  I'm sure there are more ground-breaking topics, but these are the ones that didn't involve death/war/uprising/debt.  Lots of stories out there about that stuff.  I'm trying to keep things a little lighter these days.

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