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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Well the snow is definitely falling.  It has been all weekend and most of last week.  It's unfortunate that the total accumulation does not add up to a golden day that all teachers and students dream about, a SNOW DAY.  It is just the way of life up here in the North.  My friends (even the ones that were born and brought up here) whinge about the fluffy white goodness, but I am still enamoured. I do not enjoy travelling around town in it as people forget how to drive, but I do love sitting with my cup of tea watching from behind the glass.
Our weekend turned into a full one quite by accident.  I had accepted an invite to help celebrate Michelle's bday on Friday, but received a desperate plea for help from a colleague.  She was trying to find a place for her teen aged son to spend the weekend, as she and her husband were going out of town.  Now with all that is going on in this woman's life, I readily agreed (after talking it over with Chris).  If there was any two people that deserved a weekend away it's them.  Our young guest arrived Friday night after youth group  and stayed until this morning when he was picked up for church.  It was strange having to be responsible for another person, especially someone else's child.  I found myself actually thinking about healthy snacks, activities etc.  All the while I was getting a cold again, so not really at my best.  Teenagers are a different breed for sure, and our guest was very reserved most of the time.  There wasn't a lot of expression or excitement coming from him about much of anything.  Even during and after watching Avatar (which I don't think he really understood) which is a pretty exciting movie.  I know that it didn't help that we have no kids or kid-like activities in the house.  We're a pretty boring couple.  Oh well.
The temperature has managed to stay in the close to -30 range for most of the weekend, which is a little too bad with all that marvelous snow outside to walk in.  I have managed to go to the track this weekend, telling myself that I can exercise the cold away.  Right now I'm fighting the urge to have a nap. Just like this guy. 

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  1. Is that Chris' head peeking out in the back of the picture?


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