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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Can you hear it?

Teachers should be hearing it by now.  
The ticking of the clock that is getting louder with each passing day.  It is marking time until the new year begins.  For me, as with a lot of teachers, the "New Year" starts with the new school year, not the traditional January new year.  My teacher brain is starting to wake up a little, winking at the sunshine and wanting to bury it's head under the covers again.  I am giving myself another week before starting to get into planning.  I am still recovering from last year (has it really been almost 2 months?) and I'm just not ready yet.  Soon, just not yet.
I have been dabbling a little in more technology lately.  I have joined Google+, following Twitter, looking at Wikis and my PLN etc., but am finding myself feeling a little overwhelmed at all the options and ideas out there.  I follow links and suggestions from teacher blogs or from Tweets, but I start to get a little overloaded and can't decide what to do next.  One at a time, I've finally decided. Over the next few weeks, I am going to pick one or two things and then work on just those until I am comfortable and have decided whether I want to use them or not.  Then I'll move on.  C and I have also talked about making a list, dividing it between us and then collaborating on the ideas later.  That might be a good way too.
I have to say though, I was reading a blog post by another teacher and was a little offended for her staff when she, after talking about the conference she had taken part in, was wondering where the rest of her colleagues were.  Some teachers want to enjoy their summer, some want to work all the time.  I don't think it's up to any of us to judge one another about what we do in our Summer VACATIONS.  If you choose to do professional development all summer long, that is your choice, but don't slam others because they want to have time off.

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