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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I spoke too soon

I was reading over my last post (was it really 10 days ago?) and laughed.  The very next day, we had a huge dump of snow and it snowed for most of the next weekend.  We are finally back to what we were 10 days ago and I can see my lawn again today.  The sun came out in the evening, after the big snow flurry that past over.  It looked like it should be December.  We passed a woman that said "Merry Christmas" and I laughed and said "Isn't it beautiful?"  She mumbled something thinking that I was being sarcastic, but I wasn't.  Oh well.
Work has been the same really.  The kids crack me up, although I do notice a difference with some of them around the full moon.  I used to think that was an Old Wives tale, but I don't know.  I was pretty impressed with both of our classes and how they managed to raise quite a bit of change for Japan.  The intermediates did a No-Speak-a-thon at our school.  My class decided that there are some in our group that wouldn't be able to make it for any period of time without talking, so instead we opted for collecting spare change.  Between Chris' class and mine, we filled a big pickle jar and a bit more.  When I took it to the teacher in charge of the fund raiser, I did offer to roll the coins, but she said it was okay.  She told me today that she didn't like me very much and that she was still rolling money.  The school managed to raise $2200 to send to efforts in Japan!  I was proud of the Tadpoles for sure.
I had to laugh when I came across this list for Spring pictures.   I'll be lucky if I can get some of these by the end of Summer.  We are supposed to have some temps near 10 by Friday, so maybe we'll get rid of the snow a little faster.

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