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Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's almost over

Ahhh the last day of holidays.  The sounds of Spring are coming through my open window... that's right OPEN window.  It is sunny, a little warm and I am starting to see some grass poking through all the snow that is still around.  Now there aren't any leaves yet or signs of life in my garden, but at least I can see it now.  It's funny to look around the neighborhood and see Christmas decorations slowly coming out of the snow.  The life in the North.
I am looking forward to tomorrow, seeing the kids and listening to their stories about their break.  I can see that News time will be long tomorrow.  I really hope the weather holds out, it'll make that first day back even nicer to see the kids playing in the sunshine. 
So what have I done with this glorious day?  Nothing.  I managed to get the dishes done, but other than that I have been reading about the plight of education in our "modern" system.  Some of the articles and posts I've read have been depressing, some enlightening and some even a little heartening.  I love that conversation is happening.  I am worried that some teachers are being reprimanded for their thoughts.  Being a teacher is a special career, but we are people first.  We have our opinions and thoughts and I feel when they are expressed in a thoughtful and professional manner, we should have the right to voice them.  Coming into a bargaining year, I am worried.  The powers that be have very complicated agendas, and I am concerned that teachers' voices and concerns will be downplayed into whispers.  We are worried as teachers if we talk about what we want (ie: higher pay, more resources for our classrooms),  that we will come under scrutiny and criticism for wanting these things.  Nobody likes to be criticized Other jobs, other careers get raises, get resources to do their jobs but there is some public opinion that teachers should be in it for the kids.  We should be in it for the good we can do. We already get 2 months off in the Summer and other holidays etc... I love teaching, but I am also a person.  With bills.
Anyway enough of that for now.  I am off to make some kind of mess... maybe paint today.  Hmmm the options are endless.  Have a great Sunday.

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