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Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm back... kind of

Home-made crayons
Well the last couple of weeks have been CRAZY busy.  I have basically dropped off the face of the Earth and into School Land.
We have stayed late every night and I've gone in on weekends as well. I hope to cut back by the end of September, but we'll see.  There just always seems to be stuff to do!  My birthday was low-key this year as we were both so tired and it fell on a Monday.  I did get these awesome flowers though from a student and her family.  Chris has enabled my itunes shopping with some gift cards for music and apps (just need to get my phone back), and a card for some ebooks (just need to get the replacement Kobo).  For some reason, most of my gadgets have failed and have to be replaced so I'm waiting.
The weather has been fabulous, warm and sunny and it looks like the next little while will be the same.  We have been able to get out and see some people which has been nice and I did get my birthday dinner at Tony Roma's after a walk at the Community Forest with friends. This week promises to be very busy, with a workshop, 2 union meetings and a social evening with the Crafty Ladies. 
I am trying to find some balance and spent some time reading- I'm 6 books behind in my reading challenge!  I've also tried to be crafty, but I'm usually so tired after dinner that I can't find the inspiration to scrap.  Hopefully this will pass soon.  I'm supposed to be exercising too, but that is just not fitting in at the moment.  Soon.  I promise myself.

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