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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bad Luck

As some of you remember, I finished out June with a severe concussion and had an extra week of Summer.  I was mostly better, (I think) and was just congratulating myself on how I had not visited the new Emergency Room at the new hospital.  Yeah, I should have never even thought it. 
On Friday we had a Pro D day at school with a potluck lunch.  I left the staff session we were having to go and put the lasagna I had brought, into the oven.  The secretary had been filling the water cooler earlier, and some how it had leaked.  I did not see the puddle of water on the floor (our floors are always really shiny because we have a great janitor) and as I was going out the door to the cooking room, my right foot hit the water and I hit the floor.  Thankfully, I missed the door jam on the way down, but I did manage to smack my head on the floor after my hip, elbow and hand.  My boss and Chris came out of the session to find me on the floor, then of course everyone else had to come and have a look too.  I was crying, absolutely mortified and hurt.  Great way to end the day.  Chris drove me into the hospital to get my wrist and head checked and then we did our PD at home.  Well Chris did, I went for a nap.    Great end to the week after stapling my finger on Monday morning!  It would seem that I have some bad mojo following me around right now.  Any hints to get rid of it?

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