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Friday, December 23, 2011

Almost here...

After writing the last post, I did get some rest but unfortunately it came along with the stomach flu!  I spent the entire day Sunday sleeping and most of Monday too!  I was supposed to work at the parts counter for the week, but when my boss saw me on Monday morning, she sent me home.  Thankfully, a friend was passing by to say hi and she took me home.   What a crap way to start the week, no pun intended. 
I did manage to get the presents shipped to the Island, (and in time too) and actually got other presents wrapped and under the tree.  Unfortunately, I did not get to see any friends before they took off to other locations, so I have some happy catching up to do in the New Year.  Perhaps a lovely girls dinner in the future?

The baking that I had pictured having finished by now, is not, but I'm not sweating it.  It may get done, it may not.  I have 3 little Christmas/December projects that I was supposed to be doing all along, but those too did not get done.  Or started.  Oh well.  Maybe I'll get to them next week, we'll have to see.  I did not want to go into grocery stores this week, but I just remembered that I need to get some mini marshmallows for the ambrosia.  I should go and do that now, as I may not make it out for a very long time.
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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