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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The week seemed to slip away (although it did go slowly at times) and it was Thursday.  I kept forgetting that we had a Pro D day on Friday.  The speaker that came up was fabulous.  Mark Mcleod from Mississippi is a motivational speaker.  His big theme is to "Relight the Fire" of teachers, to remind us about the positive things about teaching and how to make our classrooms a safe, exciting and caring environment.  He reminded me of techniques that I have used in the past, and confirmed some of my procedures as good practice.  There's nothing wrong with my "fire", as I am so happy to be back in the classroom, but I did like some of his ideas that I would like to put into practice.  We had already planned to go to GP on Saturday before we'd known that it was a 2 day event.  I was a little sorry not to go on the Saturday, but I needed to get out of town and away from school work so that my "fire" wouldn't be flickering by Monday. 
Saturday was spent in GP shopping, walking downtown and of course Tito's for lunch.  We didn't leave until around 6pm, but Chris stopped in Pouce Coupe at the Indian restaurant.  It was delicious!  Since FSJ is pretty much a fast food wasteland, the butter chicken was a nice change.  
Today is Sunday and after spending most of the day out at school, I am facing an evening of lesson planning and other prep.  Sigh... a teacher's work is never done!

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