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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Goat riding, tantrums and other good stuff

First days of school are always interesting.   Goodness knows that I've seen enough of them by now to realize that nothing usually goes as planned, that it's chaotic, confusing and exciting.  Especially when you are new to a school.  The weather was crap today, windy, rainy and basically winter.  I had "dressed up" determined to wear a shirt that I had bought in the Spring but had never been able to wear as it was always too cold.  It was too cold today too, but I was stubborn.  By afternoon, I was wishing that I'd worn jeans and a sweater, but anyway....  I went out to meet the kids like I was supposed to, but half were in and half were outside causing a traffic jam and making me feel like an idiot.  I finally got them all together and down to the room and noticed there was a group of parents making there way with us.  Hmmm  I am not one for audiences, especially when there's no and I'm not organized.  I tried to pay no attention, thinking they would go away, but they did not.  2 were EA's attached to one of the students and the other was a mom who has a nervous son in the room.  I shrugged and got down to gaining some order.  After the usual hello and intro of myself, I let them talk amongst themselves for 5 minutes and then pulled them back and asked them to introduce themselves and talk about what they like about themselves.  As we went around the room, I got a lot of typical answers but then I got "I like that I am a good goat rider and like to dance."  I stopped the student and asked her to repeat herself, thinking that I'd heard wrong.  Nope, she likes to ride goats.  I have to call her mom and ask to go and watch.  Shortly after this we were called down for an assembly and while we were lining up one of my students had a tantrum and decided to hide under a table.  Her EA helped her get it together and get in line, so that crises was averted.  We only had the kids for a little over an hour, but I really enjoyed myself.  The rest of this week is mostly a wait and see period, so there are community building activities happening tomorrow, Thursday is a reminder of PBIS rules for the school, and MAYBE Friday I will have a class that is my own. 
My picture for today is of the primary hallway, minutes before the students came in.....

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