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Saturday, August 21, 2010


We finally got to go out to our new school today.  When I opened the door to my classroom, it was just as bad as the last time I saw it in June.  I had been hoping that I was overreacting because I was injured and not really in a head-space to deal with a new classroom.  Nope.  It's bad.  I am already making plans to go back with garbage bags, cleaning supplies and paint.  Luckily I have my friend Ang and Chris to help me out.  I am going to go multiple days and make a list of things to achieve in small chunks, then maybe I won't hyperventilate and lose my mind.  First clean it up and then see what I have to work with and then start planning.  Doable, totally.
As usual, the day disappeared again and after running around we arrived home at around 4.  I decided to jump on my bike and head out for a while.
I rode to the trail that is close to our house and as I was entering it, I noticed how quiet it was and thought briefly about wild life.  Living here in Northern BC you can encounter animals at any time, even in town.  I shrugged it off and continued down the path.  I heard some talking as I came around a bend and saw a couple of boys, also on bikes, circling ahead.  One shouts out to me, and I slowed down as I was processing (thankfully) "Don't come down here, there's a moose with 2 babies!"  I came to a halt and not 5 feet away from me is the moose having a snack on the edge of the trail!  From where I was, I could hear her munching away on some leaves and I was torn between two thoughts. 1) Damn I don't have my camera and 2) I need to get out of here!  I couldn't see her calves, but I wasn't waiting to see.  I rode quickly away, thanking the kids and hoping that she wasn't running after me.  I passed a family on a bike ride with 2 kids under the age of 5, and slowed to tell them about the animals.  I was stunned and disgusted when the mother stated that maybe they'd go down there anyway and take a look!  I couldn't believe it.

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