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Friday, August 13, 2010

Never ending toilet issues

When we moved into our house a month ago, we had a terrible time with the bathroom floor.  When we'd had the inspection in March, the inspector had said that there was a leak or had been a leak from the toilet.  The stain on the floor was small, and I'd believed in the goodness of people and thought the sellers had fixed it already.  I was wrong.  Not only had they not fixed it to that point, they allowed it to continue until they left so that when we moved in, we found the floor rotted right down through the sub floor!  Thanks to a friend loaning us some tools to get started and of course the internet, we replaced the floor and all the seals on the toilet.  Chris laid a new floor and we thought all was well until yesterday.  Today we went shopping for a new toilet, and Chris had to take the old toilet out and pull up some of the flooring.  As I type I can hear the fan in the bathroom, drying out the sub floor.  So this minor leak that had probably started 6 months ago has now cost us well over $500.  Yes I know it could be worse and I'm sure people out there have horror stories, but for us it's bad.  Not only that, my belief in the good of people has been shaken.  I don't feel that this is the only thing that the sellers left us with, and am worried about what we'll find when we start looking.  I'm thinking about making the old toilet into a planter for the backyard.
On a good note, my little soiree last night went really well.  One person didn't show up and I have to say I was a little disappointed.  I think she forgot.  I did call, but anyway....  It was nice to fill the house with laughter and chatter.  When everyone left and Chris and I were cleaning up, I was left with a feeling of complete happiness.  I'm glad that we've moved back to town and that we are starting to have a life here in the North. I think tomorrow we will head out to the Fall Fair.  Something to do that isn't house related at this point would be a good thing I think.

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