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Thursday, August 19, 2010

better life

I am proud of myself today, which doesn't happen too often.  I decided to go for a swim today, not just any swim, but a long one.  Well long for me.  I got a new swim program from and wanted to try it out.  I managed to make it through the whole thing and had 15 minutes at the end to do some extra lengths.  The pool was not crazy busy, but we were two to a lane.  I was actually in the fast lane!  Before you think "wow", there were a lot of old people and beginner swimmers in the pool today.  Still it made me smile a little to think that I was in the fast lane.  In total time I swam for an hour, only stopping to rest in between my 50 meter lengths.  Not a bad start.
Last night when I got home from the pool, I had a wonderful surprise of company.  Michelle and Bryce dropped by with an old filing cabinet that Michelle's mom was getting rid of.  She thought of me and my scrap room, so now I have this wonderful treasure to re-purpose for my stamps.  Yay! I already know where it's going to go, but I have to decide on a colour for it.  I'm thinking a blue, we'll see what I can find.
Going back to the visit, I was talking to Michelle about how different it is living in town now, compared to the first time almost 4 years ago.  We didn't know anybody, we were living in a horrible apartment building (which burned down a few months ago) and I remember thinking how we needed to get out of here as soon as possible.  I think living out in Prespatou gave us a whole other perspective. Being in town now with friends dropping by and places to go and things to do that aren't work related is making this a way better life. 

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