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Thursday, July 25, 2013

So summer has been moving right along, where does the time go?  The first couple of weeks were spent doing the yearbook for the school.  That has been finished and submitted, thankfully.  It was constantly hanging over my head.  The weather turned and we have had more rain and clouds the past couple of weeks than sunshine.  We actually had our furnace on one day, as it was about 12 degrees!  Gross.
We went to school another time to finish up some little things.  I was going to clean out my cupboards, but decided that I can wait until the fall instead.  I'm done with school for right now.  We don't get back from our vacation until right before school starts, so I did managed to put up some decorative things and got a few things ready that I would need for the first weeks of school.  That's enough for now. 
The gas fitter finally came to hook up the BBQ and Chris had been happily grilling away.  Unfortunately the amount it cost was almost the same as the BBQ itself!  Oh well, we'll just have to grill until Christmas, I'll keep the snow shovel handy.
The Musical Ride came to the North and we got to see it with our friends Michelle and Bryce.  Thanks to Sherol for sitting out on the stands saving seats for us.  It was cool when we got there, but the actual ride didn't start until almost 8pm and by then the wind had picked up.  Just as the riders got into the ring, the storm we'd all been watching reached us and the skies opened up!  We stayed, huddled in our rain coats through the pouring rain watching the RCMP on their horses.  There were about 2000 other people there, so I didn't feel quite so bad, especially when I saw that some were dressed in t-shirts and shorts.  By the time it was over, we were all soaked through, freezing and a little grumpy.  After some hot chocolate and dry clothes, we were all in better moods.

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