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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A day

I woke up to a gray, damp cloudy day.  As I was getting ready for the day ahead, the secretary comes into my room to tell me that I am getting a new student.  I am up to 21 students while the teacher next door has 18.  Then while I am trying to get stuff ready for him (name tags, desk, etc,)  I get a parent phone call.  My Superstar was terrible all day long, actually spending a portion of the day out of the class.  We had to rush out of school to go to ICBC to take care of an inspection of the damage from last week.  We met friends out for dinner, (which had been the bright spot in my day) and in the second bite of my yummy meal that I waited over half an hour for, I pulled a big piece of plastic out of my mouth and stared at disgust as it dangled from my wrap.  I sent it away and waited another 15 or so minutes for 4 chicken fingers that the waitress informed I was going to pay for.  After processing this information, on her next stop at the table, I told her they were good and that I wasn't paying for them.  It was non-negotiable.  I was late for my appointment at the gym with Ang, and felt gross for most of it.  After the work out, I felt better and was able to shrug off the yuckiness of the day. 
Thankfully, that day ended and the next was awesome.

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