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Thursday, October 7, 2010

leaves, dogs and general craziness

I really can't believe that Friday is here already.  I woke up Monday with a feeling that I had all week to get things done, and here I am facing another Friday and feeling like I haven't caught up yet. 
London (our scrappy little cat) ended up at the vet this week after I noticed on Monday night that he had a swollen back foot.  Me of course jumping to the worst case scenario, thought twisting, breakage, amputation etc. and had a sleepless night.  The vet examined him and decided that it was an abscess.  After quoting us $500 with an overnight stay (Chris went a little pale), I was relieved and went home.  Ten minutes later they called to say that it had ruptured and he could come home!  It's pretty gross, and he's on painkillers and we have to soak his foot daily (a special operation as he HATES water) but the bill was only $185. 
My kids seem to have the case of the crazies this week.   My little super-stars have been punching, kicking and generally making bad choices all over the place.  It's tiring.  My other kids are getting tired of it.  I'm tired of it.  Hopefully a long weekend will help and we will all come back rested and ready.
Today was a big cross country race at our school and five of my kids were in it.  They were so excited and it was contagious.  So I decided to do a messy craft.  They turned out pretty well, but next year I will do them sooner while the leaves are still nice.  My EA walked in the door just as I was dumping large piles of leaves on desks.  She took it all in stride which is a good sign. (I thought she was a good one.)  
My broken down room got a little help today.  New white boards were installed and I didn't even have to beg!  I don't know if my AO had to, but I'm thankful nonetheless.  Now if only my rainbow table would appear before Christmas....
Another great thing that happened this week was when a giant dog managed to get into school.  It was the best thing ever and made me smile throughout the day.  To see this giant dog so excited to see so many kids, wagging his whole body, tongue lolling out as he wriggled through the crowd at the front door, was awesome.  Did I try to catch him?  Did I warn other teachers?  No I did not.  In fact I was rooting for that dog to make it down the hallway.  I did manage to get in just in time to see him scrape his giant tongue up a tiny kindergarten boy's cheek.  They were eye to eye, dog smiling, child big eyed and stunned.  A moment that will take me through the bad days.  The fun was put to a rapid halt by a very diligent collegue who grabbed the beast and wrestled him to a stop.  Party pooper. 
Whew a lot has gone on this week and I'm ready for the long weekend (even though it looks like I'll be going to work on Saturday).  Just one more day.....

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