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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Is that the bell?

Yes it most definitely is.  School has started.  2 months went by in a flash it seems.  When we were getting ready on Monday night, it really felt like a regular Sunday night and we'd just had the weekend.  Is this what happens when you get old?

I forgot what jet lag was.  Truly.  We got back from Hawaii on Sunday and went back to work on Tuesday.  I hadn't thought about the jet lag.  It's not bad, just annoying enough to make me a little short on the patience side.  Tomorrow will be better.  I hope.

We had a fabulous 3 weeks (or close enough to) in the US.  First San Francisco for a week and Hawaii for 2.  We saw so much on our trip(s) that it's going to take me the rest of the year to get it scrapbooked.  There are literally a couple thousand pictures for me to go through between all the shots my mom, Chris and I took.  It'll take time to get through them to decide which one will go into an album. 

As I walked into my classroom on Tuesday, I was flooded with all the plans I'd made for the space.  All the cleaning and purging that I wanted to get done, the organizing and the new programs and lessons that I want to try.  Then I sat down and checked my email.  I was too tired to think about any of those things,  when all I really wanted was a nap.  That was at 8:50am.  As soon as the little ones came down the hall, I perked up.  Their excitement carried me through the day.  At 3pm, I was done.  It was a Subway night, we were both too tired to cook.  As the week wears on, and we still don't have class assignments or solid numbers I am trying to find some excitement.  I think it will come on Friday when I finally get MY class for the year, and can begin planning.  At least I hope so.

I'll leave you with a few shots from our trip.

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