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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

and I'm back!

Finally!  My little technology world is back in order.  I had to be home for medical appointments on Friday, so I was able to take delivery on my lovely iPhone.  I'd missed the delivery guy the day before, but he got here nice and early.  Yay!  My message box was full ( I forgot to tell people that my phone was trapped in a box), and it took time to reload all my stuff onto the phone, but I did a little happy dance in my living room after I sent my first text.

My second little piece of happiness is when I picked up my new KOBO.  It didn't work right from the time I got it last Christmas, and after a few quick emails, KOBO sent me a new one with return postage for my old one!  This process was WAY less painful than the one with Apple, and it will make me consider KOBO again when I want to upgrade.  So far it's working like a dream.

Hopefully from now on, my technology works.  Chris says that I am Cryptonite to tech :(  So far Mac has not crapped out (touch wood).

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