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Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's just around the corner

Work is starting again soon, with PD starting next week.  I am loving Summer this year, with all the great weather we've had so I'm not quite ready to go back yet.  I am starting to look at more readings and ideas, but my mind starts to wander when I think of all the start up stuff. 
I went to look at my room last week (which wasn't ready for me to do anything in) and found out that someone had shot at all the classroom windows.  More than once.  It made me sad.  Of course angry too, but mostly sad.  Nobody "knows" who did it, but I'm sure someone has some idea.  That kind of put a curb on my excitement of going back.  I do have some great ideas for this year for in my classroom and some stuff that I want to take on in my school.  I am just having too good of a vacation.

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