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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Adventures in home improvement

We had a few days of rest, and then we decided to paint the basement.  As we were sitting down there making our plans of who was going to do what, my husband looks at me and says "why don't we go and see about new carpet".  I didn't want to make any sudden movements as it might make him change his mind, so I calmly agreed.  The next thing you know, we were looking for new carpet AND new furniture for the basement!  It also delayed the actual painting by a day because of all the running around and comparison shopping to be done.  That was Monday.  Tuesday started with us going to rent scaffolding to be able to paint the stair way.  When it finally got set up, I was stuck in the basement for 9 hours.  I painted and listened to pod-casts.  My meals were passed to me through a window.  Luckily, there is a bathroom down there.  Good news, I got the basement painted.  Bad news was we still had to get rid of the old carpet.  That happened Wednesday.  We decided on carpet, went to look at couches and finally got down to the removal of the disgusting-early-80's-peed-on-by many-dogs-carpet.  Back then, they glued the rubber-backed carpet right down to the cement.  What fun!  The carpet it self was so old that it came away quite freely from the backing.  Except the stringers on the stairs.  We got the carpet up and to the dump AND returned the truck we borrowed (thanks to Bryce and Michelle) by 6.  Then I got down on my hands and knees with a putty knife and started to scrape the floor.  In an hour, I only got a 3X3 square done, and not well.  I abandoned the project in favour of pizza.  After dinner I had to get some plants into the flower bed and there was weeding to be done as well.  Thursday came and with it some back and muscle pain.  After some oatmeal with a side of Advil, I went to run errands for the project while Chris tackled the stairs again.  While in CT I came across a floor scraper.  The best $40 I ever spent.  I got the floor done in an hour with that thing.  I tried not to think of all the grossness that was in the dust and wore a mask to keep the worst out of my lungs, but wow!  3 big garbage bags are filled with the carpet backing and we'll need a new filter for the vaccum cleaner because of all the dust, but it's done and ready for carpet on Monday.  Chris has asked that I not request any other improvement projects for quite some time.  I think he may be looking for that commitment in writing....

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