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Monday, May 21, 2012

Where did the last month go?

When I logged on today, I was a little surprised that it's been so long since I blogged.  The past month has just slipped away.
2 new babies born, outside projects to do, inside Spring Cleaning, work, migraines...  so much going on, but none of it very interesting.  Except the new babies.  Both girls.   I'd really been hoping that Michelle would have a boy because I'd had a boy present all ready for her, but Olivia is pretty cute so that's okay. 
Baby Olivia and me
We are winding down at school.  Or winding up, whichever way you want to look at it.  Now the testing begins.  Our marks have to be in to the office by June 4, and that does not leave me  much time to get other stuff done.  I am glad that we don't have all the standardized testing that the US have to do (yet) and this data is only used to chart progress (or the lack of it).  The problem with the assessments is that they take time.  Time that I could be doing other stuff with my students.  Oh well.  I have been planning an event at our school called Identity Day.  The idea is that everyone, staff and students share one thing about themselves with the rest of our school community.  I got the idea from here a couple of years ago and was really excited about it.  Chris and I pitched to the staff last year, but with all the turmoil and other events happening at the school, it got pushed into the beginning of June.  So far the only feedback that I have received from parents has been negative, so we'll see what the turnout is like.  I would like to do it early next year.
It is now May long weekend and we are relaxing after spending yesterday cleaning and working around the house.  We had a beautiful day yesterday ( I actually had shorts on), but today is cloudy.  At least it has not snowed.  It snowed last week.  We had inside days at school because the kids are not wearing warm clothes anymore.  Flip flops are not snow appropriate. 

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