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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Break part 2

First thing Monday morning I had an appointment with the Mayor of Courtenay.  The Honourable Larry Jangula is an old family friend and I was unable to make it to his swearing-in, so I thought I'd make an official appointment to see him.  I brought coffee and donuts. 
When we left Cumberland on Monday afternoon, it was pouring rain and so windy that I wasn't sure I was going to get off the Island.  Nanaimo was not as bad the the plane took off on time.  Actually, this trip I didn't have any plane trouble and my luggage arrived the same time as I did!
Chris met me at the airport and took me for dinner and then home to unpack.  The last few days of that week were spent relaxing, Spring Cleaning and getting ready for work.  I got some fresh snow.  I of course was thrilled while others around me growled.  We went in on the Saturday to get planned up.  I had honestly left my classroom behind and had to look back in my plan book to remember what I'd been doing before the break.  I also had a Crafty group night where we did some Ukrainian Easter Eggs.  Claire brought Baby C along and all the women got some baby snuggle time in.  Even me!
 We had an awesome Easter dinner with Michelle, Bryce and Sherol.  Lots of laughs, games and wine!  I spent Easter Monday recovering from that while crafting and organizing nooks and crannies of the house.  I was very ready to get back to work and had a wonderful week.

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