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Friday, January 13, 2012

So Friday the 13th...

I always get a little nervous on Friday the 13th, I know it's silly, but I do.  I tried to forget about it as we made our way in the cold darkness to school.  We made it to school in one piece and since I didn't have duty today, I didn't have to worry about slipping on the ice or anything.  All 21 children showed up today (they must really like me or something, every other class was missing 2-6 kids!)  The sun was shining and the icy playground was beautiful.  We had to leave fairly quickly after school, as were finally going to get a loaner car from the auto body shop where the Subaru is waiting to be fixed.  We weren't that far from the school, when a pick up truck passes us going about 120 or so and spits up a rock into the driver's side window.  It completely imploded all over Chris.  It was so shocking, even Chris asked me if they had shot us!  Of course the other vehicle kept on going.  We stopped at ICBC on the way into town to find out what to do.  They told us to just make the claim under the comprehensive insurance.  That would have been easy, but we don't have comprehensive on that vehicle.  That's right, no comprehensive.  In our defense, we were supposed to be using that car for in town driving and not a lot of driving at that.  So when we picked up the loaner car, we went next door to the glass place owned by the same company and asked how much it would cost to replace it.  I thought we'd be looking at a huge payment, but it's going to be $160 installed.  Not bad.  They even taped our window as the weather is going to be -27 and snowing this weekend.  So now we are back to juggling one car and getting our times to match.  Frustrating.  I hope this weekend gets better.

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