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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What a way to start the day

Well it seems that I haven't had that many blog worthy stories lately, but today I do.
At our school every morning, we do a morning run.  The staff think it's important and worthwhile and some of the kids do too.  From what I'm seeing and hearing, it's a chance for the kids that excel in running to show off and the rest of the population to take a walk and chat.  It is what it is. 
So I am standing waiting for my class to come in and a grade one student from another class is first in his class to get back (he did a shorter version of the run), and says hello.  I turn to say hi and find him pinching his crotch.  I ask him if he's okay does he need to go in.  No he says.  Okay so I turn back to watch for my kids (as we are using the run this week to collect names of the fastest kids for the district track meet).  Then I hear running water. Water splashing.... my mind is slowly becoming aware and going through the possibilities....there shouldn't be running water, the field is almost dry... then it dawns on me.  Yep the little dude has pulled himself out of the his jeans and is standing there peeing!  I said his name, but didn't want to approach him.  Instead I called out to the principal who was knee deep in kids and pointed behind me.  She yelped a little and ran over to him.  By then he'd finished what he needed to do.  I guess when you gotta go, you gotta go. 
A couple of things I pondered at the end of the day: 1.  How bad is it that a kid would rather pee in a puddle in front of the whole school that give up the coveted position of first in the line after the run?
2. I wonder how many kids played in that puddle over the course of the day?
So that' s how my day started, with a smile.

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