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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Snow Day

Well we are not really supposed to call it that, but buses didn't run (for the third time this year) and schools were still open.  We had to report to the district office this morning for a collaboration date we had set up.  It was nice making that short drive up the road.  The snow has been blowing for most of the day, with periodic breaks.  I have barely noticed as I have used this time to make a start on report cards.  

I was talking with a colleague this morning about the February crazies that seem to affect kids.  I have been having extra issues with some of my more challenging students and to make it better, kids I normally don't have problems with have added themselves to the mix.  It makes for a very trying day, especially when you add parent phone calls onto the end of the day.  As I was talking to my friend I realized that I too am having a February lull.  I don't know if it happens to everyone, but  while I am loving being in the classroom, I am finding myself very susceptible to negativity.  One little thing will set me off and it's very hard to break the cycle. When I look out the window and see this, I feel a little better.  The sun shining on fresh snow.  Hopefully we get some more!

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