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Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy birthday Chris!

It was Chris' 40th birthday yesterday.  40. Wow.  I fortunately have a few more years before that happens to me.  He had lots of birthday wishes from almost every kid in the school, thanks to our principal announcing it just before recess.  What got me was the little laugh that broke through while she was saying he was 40.  She was enjoying burning him.  A LOT.  This made me laugh so hard the kids started laughing along with me, not really getting the joke.  It was great.  Then she interrupted his Math lesson to suggest the kids learn all the different ways to count to forty!  She came next door to my room wondering out loud "wouldn't be nice for your class to go and sing Happy Birthday to Mr Nowell"  of course the kids were all for it.  So over we went to sing our best wishes to Mr Nowell.  He even got a birthday pencil.  He was so excited.

My husband's wishes were simple for his birthday.  He wanted to BBQ.  I laughed, but he got his wish, it actually was above 0 so he got to BBQ a steak.  I have to say it made me think of Summer just a little bit.  Yeah, all that white stuff is snow...Summer is a long way off for us, but we have to take what we can get.

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