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Friday, January 4, 2013

I have been a bad blogger again!  The end of school finished well, the concert was a success and I floated into Christmas vacation on a sugary cloud of happiness. 
This December was one of the more busy ones that I can remember.  I made a point of getting us out and doing things all month long.  We jumped on a bus for caroling, a community event called Music   that Moves you.  I went to hear the community choirs sing christmas songs and I also managed to squeeze in a performance of the Nutcracker!  That was as well as movies, visiting and skating.  Very busy.  We had a very busy first week of holidays with invitations to dinner, a gift exchange and other chances to visit.  Chris was fighting a cold for the entire week, and I finally took pity on him and postponed a dinner I had planned with another couple. 
Christmas Eve we spent alone with yummy food and a couple of movies.  We had a lovely Christmas dinner with Bryce and Michelle and their family and managed to get out to shop on Boxing Day.  We both found a pair of snow pants for skiing, so counted ourselves lucky and went home after that one stop.  Boxing Day shopping is not my favourite time to shop, unless it's online.  The weather finally warmed from -30 something to -10 or so which is nice.  We have been able to get out skiing a couple of times.  We are lucky and the Nordic Ski club maintains trails at a local golf course.  Yesterday there was a Mama moose and her calf hanging around.  We avoided their little area and just turned around instead.  The sun has made an appearance as well, which makes the temperatures a little easier to handle.  It's been beautiful skiing weather for sure. 
As we are wrapping up our last bit of vacation time I am finishing up a couple of December projects that I started as well as thinking about taking down the decorations.  I've tried to bargain to keep the tree up, but no dice.  Ah well, I guess I just have to figure out another way to get miniature lights into the livingroom decor!

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