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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rain, rain go away....

Well we are in the middle of the wettest summer I can ever remember (even coming from the West Coast) and I have to say that it is not inspiring me to do much of anything today.  My poor friends with leaky basements and roofs make me go into my own basement every couple of hours just to check around the perimeter for water.  We had some flooding around town Friday night and today doesn't look any better.  I think it will be a scrappy day for me. 
After the Atlanta scandal, I read more work "stuff", but have decided to use only an hour a day to work.  This includes reading education related blogs, fooling around on Twitter etc.  I was online looking at links and articles for almost 3 hours yesterday.  That's no holiday. 
The living room saga continues.  I have found curtains, decided on wall "art" and was pushing to get it all done yesterday.  The decorating gods had other plans.  It seemed every time I turned around, I had miscalculated or had some issue.  As a consequence, the curtains are still not hung and pictures still not in frames.  I did manage to cook a delicious stew for dinner, make an apple crisp and bake a banana loaf.
 The last couple of weeks I have managed to read a bit.  I read The Help by Kathryn Stockett- it's going to be turned into a movie.   Great book.  I've also finished Distant Hours, Fall of Giants and Juliette.  All very worth my time.  Since the Love in the time of Cholera debacle, I am a little more careful about what I read.  As promised I have a few pics this time.  Have a great day.

The un-hung curtains

The eye-sore I get to look at out my front window.

My beautiful lilies, under the the overhang, so untouched by all the rain.

Beautiful Hosta that is doing very well on the South side of the house.
Horrible mushrooms that have taken up residence in my front yard.

This is where the pictures will go.

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