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Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well the New year is here and with it the cold.  We did have some warm weather (-2) for a bit last week, but it's back down to -20 again.  School has been good this week, the kids are slowly getting back into the routines as are the teachers.
I was able to catch up with friends this weekend, which was nice.  I haven't seen any body really since the 18th. As my word for this year is 'change', I am working on changing a few things in my life.  Besides the usual exercise more, and eat less chips, blah blah blah, I am also working on being more social.  I found leading up to Christmas, I saw and talked to my friends less and less.  Over Christmas I thought I had all kinds of time, but it went by in a flash and here we are back at school again.  Last week there were a few frustrating things going on that led me to a feeling of over all negativity, but after talking to friends over the phone or in person, this feeling went away.  The best feeling of all was when I called my friend in Atlanta and laughed at how they'd shut down all the schools and freeways at 5pm yesterday.  Her boys were ecstatic, taking snow from the neighbours yards to build snowmen.  (They only had a couple of inches). Her reaction to our temperatures made me howl, especially when I did the conversions for her.
My brother called last night and he requested some more pictures.  I always say that I'll try, but I'm pretty lazy. Here's some pics from the holidays.  This is Mom in my classroom eating those plastic corn puff things.  I think it was the only thing on the table she ate (gross). 
 This is the little cream cheese snowman I made.  He was yummy.  One of the best things about the holidays is the food.
 This is what it looks like here when it gets really cold.  The white in the trees is frost.  Mom snapped this picture and then "ran" back to the warm car where we waited. 
 This was some fondue fun on New Year's Eve. 

 Dad trying Korean food for the first time. 
 More fondue fun, this time with chocolate.  We used all kinds of things in there.  Cover it with chocolate and it's all good.  I did feel a little ill after.
This is me packing up Christmas.  It's never as fun putting it all away as it is getting it all out.  London was a big help.

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