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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Early start?

The Christmas season seems to be starting earlier and earlier every year.  I have already been to two Christmas events, and today I heard carols in stores.  Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, but I almost feel tired of it when December actually gets here.  I have to admit though that I do love the shopping and wrapping of presents.  I am going to be doing 2 December projects this year and am trying to get the foundations done before next week.  I will be doing December Daily as well as Journal Your Christmas.  Both are a daily activity, but come from different angles.  We'll see how it goes.  I finished JYC 2011 two weeks ago, you could say I was a little behind.  Oh well.

Report cards go home this week and then we have parent interviews Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Why is it the parents you see all the time and come into the school all the time, are always the ones that want to talk and the other parents hide?  More than half of my parents did not respond to the interview request, so I'll be doing a lot of phone calls this year.  Such fun!

Good news, my classroom finally has heat in the 20's.  For two years, I have frozen all Winter, but parental concerns were noted and someone finally looked into the problem.  Apparently, my room was a little cooler than normal!  You don't say!  This week was lovely and warm, and I didn't have to wear 2 sweaters during the day.  We have been at -20 (-30 with windchill) for most of the week and not much snow, but it is definitely Winter out there.  We have been talking about time and Seasons at school and as I was reading a little book about the topic, we got to Fall.  The kids looked curiously at the pictures that showed green grass and lovely coloured leaves.  They pointedly looked outside and hands shot up "that book is wrong!  That's not Fall!" I assured them that not everywhere has a foot of snow for Halloween.  It mollified them slightly, but they didn't seem completely convinced.  Oh well, that's life in the North.

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